Let's talk about Trump


Glad to see the appointment of Bolton!!! He will stir up the shit with his distaste for treaties, contempt for diplomatic niceties and an ambivalence for the need to get along.:sunglasses: http://time.com/5212124/john-bolton-donald-trump-pentagon/


Jeez, it’s not the spelling on it’s own that is the problem, but the spelling mistakes plus all the other deficiencies of that stable genius.


You have a particular dislike for trump, which I get, it’s your personal opinion and I am as familiar as you are with the list of things with which to criticize trump.However, I would like your opinion on the following or not, up to you.

The Democrats and Hillary rigged the primary, millions of people were sending contributions to Bernie Sanders, while the DNC made sure debates would be seen by as few as people as possible, the MSM played along. All the while the way the Democrat primary worked, even if Bernie had got enough, the super delegates would have always sided with the establishment candidate. The MSM hardly touches the subject, do you think it is right to deceive and remove the people from this sort of decision making process?

It’s increasingly clear, the dots are there anyway, just needs a bit of connecting. Hillary and the DNC funded a dossier, it was then shopped to the MSM who tried to use it to characterize Trump as Putins puppet. It was also used by the FBI to secure a FISA warrant on a person they could then use a 2 hop rule to look into current and past communications of anyone he had contact with. When it failed to tip the election in Clintons favor it was then leaked and used as a reason to open a special council. There is a discussion on how valid the dossier is, or how valid Carter Page was to be targeted as a spy. But lets assume for a minute its mostly salacious and unproven (Comey’s own words), do you see a problem with the FBI/DOJ and the MSM teaming up with the DNC and Hillary campaign to torpedo a particular candidate and then when he wins try to oust them from power?

I have a few more questions, but will keep this post short as possible.


I wouldn’t even say I dislike Trump more than Hillary. I just think he is not qualified to be the President for many reasons, the lack of intelligence the most obvious to me.

He’s a showman, an entertainer, and that’s what he should get back to.

I don’t care much about the whole investigation and the why and how. Probably won’t end well for him, cause again, lack of intelligence. Don’t think he’s smart enough to get out of the holes he’s digging himself.


On a lot of technical issues, he has shown to be very street smart indeed. For example, trade negotiations (I say this as a former trade official and someone who disagrees with him on trade agreements). His criticism of Canada on supply management, forestry, etc. is spot on. He is being aggressive in a smart way that no other US president has been.


There’s a good chance it will end badly for Trump. If you are not interested in the why and who, that’s your choice too.

But IMO that puts you on the side that has relinquished any and all say to your overlords.


His approval rating is higher than Trudeau`s!!! If the establishment uses legal shenanigans to go after Trump and do it in an ultra-swarmy style, there will be such an outcry amongst the grassroots that the Democrats will not be electable for decades and decades.


It looks like the Democrats are already entering the Thatcher years, it will be at least a decade before they own up to mistakes. Not withstanding blunders from the right, the Democrats are in limbo for the foreseeable future.


Translation: they’re not actually in limbo. :roll:


He doesn’t need to do anything himself. The question is, will Ivanka get him out of it?

And failing that, will time travel save him?


**[quote=“yyy, post:1312, topic:87669, full:true”]

Translation: they’re not actually in limbo. :roll:

The labour party in the UK messed up in the early 70’s , no one trusted them with power for decades. The Democrats have messed up too, but they are a long way from owning up to their mistakes.


Sorry, I don’t buy this analogy. Maggie was unlikeable, but she wasn’t Trump unlikeable. She had brains.


Um, no. Liberals back in the day absolutely loathed Thatcher, and thought she was a blithering idiot…the same way they felt about Reagan.


Still not Trump level loathing.


Speaking of which, did you hear about Barry’s plan to take Donnie’s old job?

One glaring flaw with the article:

With the West Wing’s liberal utopia now 12 years off our screens and House of Cards abruptly curtailed, television-loving political anoraks could be forgiven for feeling a little underserved.

They’re ignoring Kiefer! :astonished:

But seriously, this could be the dawn of a new age of polititainment.

Given his CV, it only seems right that Donald Trump should host another gameshow when he leaves office.

Let’s Find Out starring Kim Jong-un would remedy this. Each week he’d try to solve a different pop-science query

Live from Chipping Norton is a fun-filled entertainment series, filmed in the grounds surrounding David Cameron’s expensive shed.

Despite his fame – and despite already having a wife – all he wants is a little bit of companionship for the night. Silvio’s First Dates will address this.

Bear Grylls, watch your back. Vladimir Putin is here with a new outdoors-skills programme called King of the Woods

It’s just a slow TV-inspired close-up of Justin Trudeau’s face in a comfortingly black void, whispering words and phrases deliberately chosen to whip viewers into a state of glee.


Maybe Trudeau could do a travel show.




I think he’d be better as host for an intersectional LGBTQ version of the Bachelor. :grin:


This is at least as sad a commentary on US politics as Trump.

The Democrat primary was rigged by the DNC, with help from the MSM. It worked: Clinton won.

Democrats then purchased the Steele dossier once Trump was the candidate, and since the DNC (in collusion with the MSM) was rewarded in the primary battle they decided to use the same tactic in the general. It almost worked, but the Democrat candidate was too inept to overcome the advantages being fed her by the DNC and the Democrat press.

What is even worse for the Democrat machine, especially their media organs, is that Trump won the election while spending approximately US$4.79 in a brilliant flanking maneuver aboard Twitter. This is the part the Democrats can’t bring themselves to admit, even to themselves.

So the Democrat machine has tripled down on the dossier. Their media arm is leading the main counterattack (Trump is comprehensively incompetent), the DNC another.

You have to wonder what level of mental gyrations Democrats are capable of. There is so much they have ignored. And yeah, you have to wonder what damage will be done if they ever acknowledge their own corruption and all the juggled plates come crashing down. I too think it will be a generations-long trauma for the Democrat party.


And yet they’ll still get the majority of votes in some areas because:“Republicans are racist !!1!one!”