🌏 List | 16 Friendliest Countries in the World

Sorry. One week.

Classic taiwan friendly :rofl:

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Jimi on Vocals, Gain on Guitar

Sure looks like they are enjoying themselves.


I mean, we have at least three Taiwanese in this thread, right? @PeiHua-Connie seems pretty friendly and kind from what I can tell by her posts, and I don’t think @Taiwan_Luthiers is unfriendly.

That’s all that springs to mind right now. End of message. :whistle:


I wouldn’t join a band with him. Imagine having to sing “Taiwan Numbah Wun!” for two hours.

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I think you’d be canceled before reaching the two-hour mark. Probably before you got on stage, even.


I don’t broad stroke the entire population based on one unfortunate example, that type of lazy thinking is not encouraged here on Forumosa :smiley:

Big difference between “not friendly” and agressively miserable and unpleasant. Most of the Taiwanese I interact with are pleasant enough, but in my experience Chinese people on the mainland were much friendlier :man_shrugging:


In my life why do I smile at people I would much rather kick in the eye.

I clicked through to the first three threads, and while Taiwan was mentioned once or twice, it didn’t seem to be unusually highly represented.

I heard people tell me that mainland Chinese is very rude and loud, but that’s perhaps describing tourists. Taiwanese can be extremely unfriendly on the road for example.

They’re all very polite, friendly, etc in person though.

For your job?

PX Mart friendly yesterday. One counter open with about 10 people in line, woman in front of me has 2 children screaming and running around, so she’s yelling at them across the store. Ok, fine, kids can be difficult and she’s there alone.

Eventually she gets to the front of the line, which is more than 10 behind me now, and another cashier opens. Of course in their friendly politeness everyone jostles over to get in line, with the ones at the back if the line closest

By this time the woman in front of me had her phone out and is trying to access an app for points or payment. She could have sorted this out before it was absolutely necessary, but was too busy having a friendly chat with strangers in line as we often see here yelling at children.

When she’s finally blocked for too many failed attempts and starts getting money out, and the second cashier is down to 1 customer, a third cashier comes over and invites the one person behind me to a third cash. Neither one of them seems to think that since I’ve been waiting longest the polite thing to do would be to take me.

I almost walked out at that point, but in my culture it would be rude to leave a basket full of groceries for the staff to put away :upside_down_face:

*except in places like elevators and grocery stores, same background processes i expect


I should say it’s more like when how the other person feels matter, they are extremely friendly and polite. On the road, in the elevator, or on the mrt, not so much.

I’ve thought about doing that so many times. I’ve only actually done it once that I remember, but I’d do it way more often if I didn’t recognize the staff and they didn’t recognize me.

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I see this at Walmart all the time.

And the grocery is often thrown away because it warmed up by the time anyone gets around to reshelving it, and so food safety regulations require them to dispose of it. Walmart won’t have a fridge for the purpose of holding groceries. At carrefour they often stuffed it in a fridge or freezer at the cashier for impulse buys, but this is prohibited at Walmart for some reason.

If you see groceries in the fridge for cokes at the register, this is why.

A friendly Taiwanese pulls in front of me in a queue, shit hits the fan. I huff and puff and bark so loudly, that the friendly cashier usually tells the friendly Taiwanese person to back off, and calls me over. The friendly Taiwanese person usually looks like they’ve just eaten a raw lemon, but utter under their breath a few pie-says when I give them the adoga death stare.
It’s always friendly old people or friendly lower-management office grunts.


I didn’t know there was Walmart in Taiwan

Living the dream.

Walmart throws enough food away to feed a small army. I don’t know why such waste is allowed.

What does that have to do with Taiwan?

When i worked at McDonald’s food which couldn’t be sold had to be wasted because they wanted people to buy things