Looking for a good hot dog place in Taipei


‘Don’t you be wasting those cow eyelids on hotdogs!’


[quote=“the chief”][quote=“Deuce Dropper”]I like your moxie, but please bear in mind that hot dog restaurants have failed here in the past.

Anyone ever go to that hot dog place on TungHua Jie near Guangfu? It was decent, but it didn’t last.

The Taiwanese have their own version, and it is dirt cheap. That is your competition, and something like a hot dog, no matter how fancy, doesn’t exactly exhibit the kind of quality that the necessary mark up will warrant.

I will support your hot dog store, but the odds of success are low.[/quote]

Yeah, what Deuce said.
I went there a couple of times. Good dogs, rolls were a little weird.
They all kinds of bizarre combos, almost all with this real crap mayo on them.
And most with corn.
Not cheap, for what you were getting, and, like so many other efforts, just kind of missing it by about 15 degrees.
If you do your research, you’ll see that, here, 7-11 (the number one seller of hot dogs in the US) and Family Mart actually sell more hot dogs stuck on a stick than in a bun.
What does this tell you?
For most locals, the frank is just an analogue for the sausages sold at the night market, that the accompanying bun isn’t that important to them.
Also, the hot dogs at the convenience store, including the bun, go for, what, like NT$30?
Even if your new place were able to move them at a competitive price, which I somehow doubt, you’d still (in the eyes of most of the local folk) just be competing with the 7-11.
And I think we all know how much future there is in that.
One thing that most people trying to start up foreign cuisine businesses here seem to never get is that local people just aren’t that interested in new and different things.
Plus, that value-add in quality and taste that you and I would appreciate, which might get me and Doc and Deuce to make the trip and pay the additional (I’m guessing) 200% for one of your Quality Dogs, is completely lost on most local consumers.
And I don’t care how often me and Doc and Deuce drop by, none of us is exactly Takeru Freaking Kobayashi, we ain’t going to be paying your rent.[/quote]

[quote][/quote] Your opinions are right…but look at the bright side. Dunkin Donuts failed…but Mister Donut is a major hit (Taiwanese Lining). The problem was marketing. Now lets compare 711 sausages to american hot dogs. The only people that will compare a 711 hotdog to an american hotdog are the people who does not know anything about hotdogs. So what you do is you “educate” these people through marketing. Its a long, painful process…but like all any other succesful businesses…you have to toil and sweat…there are no overnight successes. About the Taiwanese People not interested in eating something new…is completely false. ELDERLY local people do…but not the younger generation. The younger generation are the target for these hotdogs (ages 20 to 40). Look at Subway…how on earth did Subway succeeded here in Taiwan…(its a submarine sandwich!).? You can buy sandwitches in 711 also 1/3rd the price! if Subway succeeded…why not American hotdogs?



Your opinions are right…but look at the bright side. Dunkin Donuts failed…but Mister Donut is a major hit (Taiwanese Lining). The problem was marketing. [/quote]

I’d be very careful with that example. Mr. Donut is Japanese. Everything from Japan is cool, hence the lines. Besides, the Japanese are far better than anyone else at marketing things to the Taiwanese. Subway may be a better example. Good luck though…who would have known that Israeli food could be such a hit here (Sababa)!


For your target clientèles, 7-11 is not a good example. Costco would be a better benchmark for the hotdog market here. Unfortunately, to suit the market, Costo in Taiwan had to switch the meat from beef to pork, many years ago.

You will probably do better by selling more exotic, an hence higher priced, European sausage, with hotdog as a cheaper menu item.


There area couple of places that sell sausages not in buns, but more as a meal, European style. Most don’t last long, because it is too fancy and fuzzy.

There must be a way to sell this item without a high overhead, big volume, quick, quickie fast food.

By the way, COSTCO is the best example. Paired with a drink, dirt cheap, tasty when you are hungry. Plus the added freebies of veggies: pickles, onions, etc.

I imagine you could sell them with “serve yourself” toppings or something. But it would be quite a mess and at a big cost -big bags of chopped onions home, anyone?


In the mood.

  • Gusto: Still open?
  • Malibu West: Still serve hot dogs?
  • 7/11 and family mart do not count.
  • Not wanting to cook my own from costco.
  • Where else? Come on!


Dunkin Donuts is still around, and there are no lines outside Mister Donut anymore.


anyone been to Hook yet? a new hot dog place near Zhong Xiao/Dun Hua. I haven’t been, but the chili fries and hot dog pictures look pretty good!

(02) 2771-7107
1, Alley 7, Lane 205, ZhongXiao E Rd, Sec 4, 1F & B1


I almost don’t dare to mention this, but I was a little bit positively surprised by the hotdogs sold in Shin Kong Cineplex in Ximending. But then, originally I was not expecting more than a totally unenjoyable “mushy meat filled plastic skin in a soggy sweet bun” there…


Anyone from NY, like Buffalo, Rochester area? Man, I tell you all… these hot dogs called Salen’s are amazing, there is this hot dog chain named Ted’s… I am drooling…

If Taiwanese people got a taste of these it would be all over for those other meat slinging vendors…


So maybe this post is quite old but i was dreaming of eating a hotbog the other day so i came on here to find some information. Found some good su ggestions but it just so happens that i was walking between fuxing and Dunhua station yesterday with my wife and we spoted a new hotdog joint. They actually had beef hotdogs along with chicken hotdogs and the usual pork ones. Since i dont eat pork i have not been able to eat a hotdog for a while. This place was pretty good. The hot dogs were plump and western like. They had all sorts of creative toppings but you could get the standard american style too.

They were called Choice’s Hot Dog.

I definately recomend it.

No. 24, lane 52, Daan rd. Daan district.

It is 3 blocks behind the Sogo near fuxing. The other Sogo that doesnt have the name brand shops out front, not right at fuxing station.


I like hotbogs too. the steamier the better.


I stopped by yesterday for the first time.
The good:
-Thick, juicy dogs with good flavor and snap (I ordered beef)
-Proper hot dog buns, not the sweetened, fragrant bread used throughout Taiwan
-Good Poutine, generous on the gravy.
-Lots of toppings to choose from

The not so good:
Topping choices were very random, with some standards missing. I would have liked to see sauerkraut to go along with the mustard, for standard kraut dog. They had bacon and tomato, but no mayo for a proper Sonora dog. They had cheddar cheese sauce, but no chili or onions for a proper chili-cheese dog. On the flip side, they had things like corn and mashed potatoes. As I said, random.

Would I go back again? Yes since the baseline hot dog was very good. I might just go for a standard mustard dog next time, which suits me just fine.


Tried this at Campus Cafe. Looks good, but I won’t order it again. The bread is fresh and soft and the chili is good but the hot dog is wrong flavor and skin too thick.


Guys seriously have you tried Time Out?

https://goo.gl/maps/tNgE4yTb6Z32 16


No. Should we? Not sure if you’re endorsing it or warning against it.

(Hot dogs are fine, but if I’m heading into Taipei from the wilds of Danshui, I find it very unlikely I’ll choose a hot dog as my meal.)


Meaning you would not be so unhappy if had tried it. It is pretty tasty, the service is quick and good, place is conveniently located. Try it and let me know what you think.


It’s on the list.


I love Japadog in Vancouver. Really good stuff!



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