Looking for a good hot dog place in Taipei


People are talking about their dogs in areas such as Toronto and Chicago on this thread are they not? Perhaps read before commenting. :sunglasses::wink:


I cannot find any info about their price: are they reasonable by non-Taipei standards?


Mmm they should have the menu right on their FB. But I think it is reasonable, they have combos.


The Tulip logo sign is kind of weird, are they a subsidiary of the Danish processed meat megacorp?

I don’t know, man, in the pictures the dogs look pretty skinny. More like a sausage on a roll than a righteous hot dog.


Did Browny ever open his small restaurant?


WTF…browsing on my phone I couldn’t see the menu ANYWHERE, then I opened their Fb page on a computer and it’s like the second photo…what is this nonsense…
I may give it a try this week, price looks pretty good by taipei standards.

Oh, now I see…


Best hot dogs in Taipei. Sausages come in 3 sizes, with the big ones being huge. We go a lot.


Made it to TimeOut today. Never knew about the Denmark-hot dog connection before. Good stuff