Mackay Project: Half priced bus tickets for worthy foreigners over 65

Mackay Project

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Cool! In 6 year’s time I’m going to save the princely sum of NT$6/day! Taiwan up!




Every three days it’s a mantou, breakfast.

We continue to win rights and the response is derision?

I think we should celebrate progress.


Whattaya gonna blow it on, Jimi? :stuck_out_tongue:

To be worthy, one would need to make “long term dedications” as follows. It’s vague, with an “etc” at the end.

  1. The long-term dedications or particular contributions mentioned in the second point regard the fields of social welfare, medical service, religion, education, and culture, etc…

6 years you might not have had except for you got something to live for now.


Actually, according to traditional Taiwanese counting I should be 65 this year.

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Free mantou every three days for you then, are you worthy?

That this is even a thing is what’s worthy of derision.

Would you rather we regress? There are people in government right now who are trying their best. This is not an easy fight for people who are fighting for us. Would you continue helping people who deride you for your efforts?


The fact that FOREIGNERS aren’t getting this in the first place, and people have to “fight” for our rights is appalling. It’s apartheid. I’d rather sit at the back of the bus than get given measly hand-outs in the name of “equality”.
Seriously, how many FOREIGNERS are there in Taiwan who are 65+? It’s just lip-service. There are millions of things we can’t do, but, hey, if you’re a doddering old fool, you get to save NT$6 on your bus ride!


My issue with it is that it isn’t based on just age, you have to have jumped through a ton of hoops to get them to approve it. Which makes it a joke.


South Africa was boycotted and banned from the world stage for decades for what plenty of asian nations get away with.


This has been in place since 2011, so it’s not new. I still appreciate that the OP brings it to our attention.

If it’s the same as what the Taiwanese senior citizens get, for public transportation, you get a special Easy Card with 480 points, which is equivalent to 480NT per month. Buses are 8 NT (so 7 NT off) per section, and MRT is 60% off. Train, HSR, and flights, and entrance to public attractions are half-price. But the best part would be if you need long-term care at home, there are lots of perks and assistances. Not a bad deal at all.


I don’t really expect to be treated like a citizen until I am a citizen. Holding on to my foreign passport gives me some privileges citizen of Taiwan don’t enjoy, unless they have dual nationality or something. Would be nice to enjoy some free bus rides, but usually tickets for museums etc. are dirt cheap anyway.


Holding on to your foreign passport while getting another one is what Taiwanese get to enjoy. Unfortunately it doesn’t cut both ways


This is true. Much cheaper than anywhere else, particularly Europe. Art and culture should be free to everyone, but I’m just an old communist, waiting for my cheaper bus rides, being a worthy FOREIGNER.

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Education takes time. The whole democratic system here is barely 30 years old. There are scars that need to be blemished out. The world isn’t perfect and it never will be. Democracy is not a one and done. It is always a fight worldwide.

Do you know how hard it is to get your foot in the door to educate politicians?

It doesn’t matter how many there are. Attitudes don’t change quickly in any country. And you come from THE apartheid country. Is everything going swimmingly there too?

Rights get violated and they need to be fixed. Someone needs to do the work. You can’t just sit there silently and expect everything come to you. We have to have these discussions, or things won’t get fixed.

Not even in the freest countries is everything perfect. Your attitude definitely would hinder us.

It is impossible to think and plan for every single transgression.