Made redundant by robots?


But think of how many rear-enders that’ll cause! “But officer, it stopped at the red light?! How could I have expected that?!”


At least, they’ll have to program it to understand that “yellow” means “speed up dumbass” (and not just in Taiwan!)




Don’t worry!
Once the first human red light runner is smashed to pieces by a zero compassion robot, this will be the main discussion.
And they will have to program this thing to a higher standard than what’s here expected.


At least it won’t back over you again, I guess.


That depends on whether or not it’s the “gravel truck” model.


I guess you have to maintain some standards.


As someone who is working in the field of robotics, I am obviously pro-AI. In my immediate surrounding, the anxiety is quite palpable. I had to leave my previous job because I was automating so many manual tasks in the company that I was starting to get death threats. Apparently, even I, an engineer building these robots, was not immune to job loss, but for a different reason in this case.


Were the death threats automated? :ponder: I suppose gangster jobs are also susceptible. :robot:


This from a company email last week: “MT [machine translation] can never replace a human translator. So please rest assured that your service and expertise will continue to be highly valued by xxx.”

Which is complete bullshit. The whole point of leveraging MT is that the translator becomes redundant. All you need is an editor to fix up what the machine gets wrong which is exactly what our company is trialing right now. As a reviewer I’m good to go for a good while. If I was a translator I’d be pretty nervous.


I wouldn’t be surprised if this message were written and sent by a bot. Personally, I find it quicker to translate something from scratch than it is to edit a machine translation. And the result is better too.


Not in our field (patents), terminology heavy, very predictable sentence structures. We’ve already seen better quality in MT than in some poorer quality freelance translations. Tends to be domain dependent though.


My condolences.




At least it pays well…right?


Well someone’s gotta pay for lap dances for the big guy.


They’ll have robots for that soon too (if they don’t already).


Why did I read “made redundant my boobs”?


Ask Freud.


There’s an app for that too.

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