Major Mosque shooting in Christchurch NZ


Christians are regularly persecuted in Muslim countries already. So are Jews, gays, trans, apostates, Hindus etc.


Your argument being?


Shoot em up?


Idk where you’re getting that I’m saying this. Why the ridiculous baiting when I’ve not said anything even close to this?


ZDude, there are two major Muslim populations in China. The Hui Chinese, and the Uyghur.
The only (allegedly) oppressed the Uyghur.

Ask me why?

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the answers in the name. the Hui ‘Chinese’


A few questions:

  1. How come this nutcase was not on a watch list?

  2. In a country where barely cops carry guns - as per my New Zealand resident friend- how did he get the high powered rifle? Hunting permit perhaps?

Death toll may increase as 11 people are still in critical condition.


he is a visiting ozzie


Yep. If he had been on a list, his entry would have been flagged…or not allowed. There are registries of him coming in and out. Going where?

There will be a full report Monday.


well there are many crazies under the radar


How does a visitor get a gun license in NZ, and access to 5 weapons?


Apparently it is quite easy to get a license in NZ. NOt sure if he had a license though. And apparently there are millions of guns floating around in NZ. So someone could buy them on the black market.


I thought a visitor would have more restrictions


If you wanted a gun on the black market I don’t suppose questions are asked by the sellers.


From the news reports I saw I was of the understanding the guns where legal not black market.


Well I did NOT read he actually had a license to carry a gun in NZ. He managed to get guns. It is a good questions how he came about them and I would think that would be investigated.


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the suspect had “travelled around the world with sporadic periods of time spent in New Zealand” and that he was currently living in Dunedin, south of Christchurch.
“I would not describe him as a long-term resident,” she said
“The offender was in possession of a gun licence. I’m advised that this was acquired in November of 2017,” Ms Ardern said.
She said New Zealand intelligence services had been stepping up investigations into far-right extremists, but added: “The individual charged with murder had not come to the attention of the intelligence community nor the police for extremism.”


I watched it to satisfy myself on one point. There is really very little to distinguish the Christchurch killings from a first-person shooter video game. I imagine there are many people who are so inured to the level of violence in such games, that they hardly feel anything when watching this massacre. Slightly shocked, perhaps, coupled with a frisson of fear, but it’s nothing they haven’t seen before.

Except this is Real Life, and the protaganist isn’t ranking up or ransacking the bodies for weaponry & artefacts.


@timleebudong, for the second time, go easy on that sauce.

But for anyone curious, his manifesto is a shitpost. Who in their right mind takes seriously a white supremacist has a black woman as his inspiration, plus that entire navy seal copy pasta should have given it away. There’s enough in there for the left to point the finger at the right and enough for the right to point fingers at the left. Which is what he wants, the entire manifesto should be thrown in the trashcan and forgotten.

Might I suggest another forum @timleebudong? Third time I don’t think will be lucky.