Man I need a gf


Funny can be just a tad risky if it’s not your usual shtick and you don’t have much practice with it but I mean… some of these girls love a corny fool. :corn:


And remember, it’s a numbers game. She may say no, but someone will say yes. I guarantee it.


well, it’s a bonus line.
if she laughs, you got a real winner.
if she says “ok, I like their lattes”, you know she’s not an expensive date, lol


Boomhauer style!


If you think you’re socially inept or bad at making conversation the key is just to get the person talking about themselves. Then you can listen and provide feedback until something you can talk about is inevitably mentioned.


I’m a joker but only around people I know well.

However I am also very unconfident, and look the part. I don’t think that works to my advantage


Lots of guys lack confidence approaching women. Don’t think about it as asking a girl out on a date if that scares you. You’re just being friendly and asking her if she wants to have a coffee or whatever. Don’t make yourself nervous by thinking you have to be especially funny or witty. It’s not a date, just a friendly chat.

Also, don’t focus on any one girl. Set up a tinder ad or whatever, give some info about your hobbies or interests, and just say you’re interested in meeting new people. Or go to language exchange meetups or something where there’ll be girls. After chatting with a girl you could ask for her Line or suggest having coffee sometime.

Your task is just to meet girls for friendly chats/coffee/whatever. The more the better. Getting a girlfriend will happen pretty naturally once you can do that. So I hope you can report back here that you’ve met some girls online or in person, had a nice chat with them, and arranged to meet up for coffee or whatever :wink:

Once the OP’s mastered the basics, he’ll be ready for slightly more advanced techniques, like asking a pretty stripper to treat YOU to a dinner at a “2 buck steak” restaurant and then teasing her for being a cheapskate when she does. Never fails:)


Unlike a certain other person here who jumps into threads just to judge others and attack them.

Hint: they’re into ‘Friends’


I don’t think there is anything natural about Tinder. I browsed last night. A bunch of dudes. I really couldn’t make any judgments. Without being able to see their expressions, mannerisms, walk, or hear them talk… they were all pretty much the same. I deleted the app after about 15 minutes.


Glad to see you used their preferred pronoun. :sunglasses:


If Tinder’s no good (I’m not thst familiar with it) then perhaps there are other dating apps/sites where the OP could chat with and arrange to meet single girls? I was just trying to brainstorm ways he could meet more girls for simple coffee dates etc


Step aside, granny. You’re too old for Tinder. :grin:


I have a three strikes rule
Talk to her about movies and say. Oh u want to see that movie ? Me too, let’s go together

Where are you going for lunch today? Great let’s go together

What are you doing this weekend ? Oh bowling ? Awesome I was heading for that too. Want to go together?

After three attempts over several days you can look for someone else if it’s a no

Don’t push it because word will get around the office and the next girl will automatically say no even if she meant to say yes just to not lose face


If I were working with the person, then I’d space out three requests over several weeks not several days. Especially if she had already turned down the first 2.

Usually I don’t go for try#2 though, unless there’s some legitimate reason like she had already made plans. But then she would most likely suggest another day or time. If she’s keen on you, she’s not going to turn down multiple requests to go out.


2 seems enough. I think 3 is too many. If the girl wanted to go out with you, 2 chances should be enough unless you know for sure she has something up.


Yeah definitely. I was humoring tommy’s suggestion. But actually I’d stop after 2. In most cases I’d stop after 1, unless I was head over heels for the girl or there was a compelling reason why she couldn’t go out the first time.
(Luckily being married, I never have to worry about this “asking out” nonsense again)


Tinder ad??

You create an account, it gets automatically populated in a stack of profiles. You set a radius for how wide you want to cast that net. And then you start swiping. Someone else does the same. If you both swipe yes, you’re matched and you can dm each other in app.


Some are more attractive than others…? People post pics of their hobbies i.e. rock climbing, water skiing, performing with a band, etc. Also, you can get a lot of mannerisms from a few photos. Sucking on a fat cigar in a bright neon sports car while wearing sunglasses at night I would assume is an automatic no thanks for you.

But, ultimately natural isn’t what they’re touting. These apps are convenient. I could be on set in the Australian outback, and between camera set ups I can start swiping and set up plans for the evening. You could be in bed on a Thursday night and be swiping on potential suitors, all of whom you can talk to at the same time to pick which one you want to actually meet for the following night.


I met my now wife on Tinder. It does work sometimes. Although that was 4 years ago and I hear Tinder has been ruined with premium leveling, micro transactions, and even greater imbalance of males vs females since.


I met my Girlfriend on Tinder. You shouldn’t have too much trouble If you put some effort into your profile. If this doesn’t wir out for you, try joining culture/language exchanges. That’s where I met my wife.


Come on ! Every girl is worth at least THREE attempts ! Don’t chicken out after two, THREES a charm.
But I personally NEVER date anyone related to work. It’s not a good thing generally. Unless you plan on marrying them.