Man I need a gf


Boy, your glass house sure has a lot of rocks.


@BiggusDickus doesn’t have any hair. Why must you sprinkle salt on his wound like that?


You’re like those mean girls in junior high. You need to grow the fuck up.


Nah it is not , most of us are just trying to help the guy get himself a GF. Not everyone is good at everything , perhaps he could beat you at chess and super mario?


… and you guys can’t even find a girl… hahahahahahaha


I like the way he says ‘lovers’. I reckon Tommy525 gave him tuition on getting just the right level of lechery into his enunciation.


That guy’s cave looks kind of like my old rooftop apartment…except for the dream catcher.


I saw this guy on TV.
He’s definitely loading the sleaze, but he’s got a long ways to go before he hits @tommy525 level skeeve.

And he’s driving an Enfield, the coolness of which mitigates a lot. :+1:


Lovers, man. That must be all they do inside the comforts of that cave.

Were you seeing 20 girls/year too? Lovers…

I think all these women just want to try something different. Stay in a cave for 5 days smoking some and having some weird sex with some guy they think is out of the norm cool, all while having some fresh coconuts and fish.

But I couldn’t contain myself when I saw this video and remembered this thread. This guy should set up a seminar for the laowais here. He has a formula to approach and have girls excited to go into his cave. There is hope for you, OP.


I never kiss and tell…


Aww I get too much credit around here. I’m just Joe Schmo not some master pick up artist

But one thing is real …you have to approach the girl and strike up a conversation

The other way very rarely happens , it can but it’s very rare .


I beg to differ. You’ve got a hot young wife and a big furry pussy. :wink:


I’m not sure if that’s the case, but I love you anyway.


Thanks guys , having a big Pussy is often a good thing for girls.

Uhm let me rephrase that , having a big pussy cat is often a good thing for attracting girls . What were you thinking ?


No, what were you thinking?


Ha at least I KNOW what I was thinking .


This thread should go in temp…
I’m a loser in the sense that I’m not very social. But that’s cos I have crippling social anxiety or something and don’t know how to socialise.
At least I’m not socially caustic or something
And no I wasn’t asking about taipei brothels idk why you would think that
I have to admit I’m interested in one of my co workers but buggered if I know what to do. I bet she has a secret boyfriend


Ask her if she wants to get lunch together


Sometimes you just have to jump in the deep end. That secret boyfriend could be you.


Please never admit that you do not know how to ask someone out for coffee. Make it funny, by saying “my treat at the 7-Eleven”.