Man I need a gf


Posting this here is roughly equivalent to reading Dostoyevsky to your goldfish.


It may get through the big brain once the secondary head gets disconnected.


Are you advocating sausage chopping?!?







Fixed it for you!


I disagree. Lots of westerners who are completely hopeless with women in their home country do quite well in Asia. Of course there is a limit to that. Some extreme cases can’t make it anywhere. But I don’t think that’d include OP (unless he hides it well).


Asian girls that can’t find a man to their expectations or are seeking an exit from a poor lifestyle, are quite open to finding foreigners. Be one or find one of them.


I guess I was the “extreme case” in Taiwan then. :wink:

I found it easy to instigate conversation with women there, to get matches on Tinder, etc., which meant that going on a date and having superficial encounters (like one-night stands) with girls was relatively easy for me compared to at home. But seeing a girl again or even having lengthy conversations with them, let alone having an actual girlfriend, was fucking hard for me. Like, how are you supposed to respond to somebody who tells you her hobbies are “sleeping and eating” (which is what most of those aforementioned Tinder matches would tell me)? :confused:


Drop her like a hot potato.


Engage in both with her.


And then drop her like a hot potato.


Try to approach 100 women if that totally fails then look for a high bridge or try Brazil


and if he likes Animals also…?


metaphorically speaking or literally ?


Hee Hee :grinning:


We all hit bottom sometime.


Slap, slap


What a loser topic.


People need a fiesta every now and then:


Why do you bully people?