#metoo makes sports less fun


I believe they also used cocaine, as a stimulant and the anesthesic properties of it for obvious reasons of being in war time. And also downers and opiates were in abundance.

But @bojack the allies and Japanese were also giving their soldiers amphetamines. I think it was especially common for fighter pilots


The face(s) of female chauvinism:

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A fashion show inspired by the #MeToo social media campaign aimed at exposing sexual misconduct across the United States opened on Friday in New York with models sporting angel wings handcuffed to men in pig masks. . . . ”The me-too movement is not about man-hating; it is not about fighting violence with violence,” said Kozakiewicz.

It’s not about man-hating. It’s about dehumanizing men and deifying women.


Nice insight. See a lot more (of related) information coutesy of Quincy Jones

If Quincy’s revelation concerning Nazi’s and cocaine isn’t in that link, let me know. It’s worth the wait (and I’m not frankly up to finding it right now, but I’ll hunt it down when I am).


I’m not finding what you want me to read. But it’s a lot to comb through.

I’m actually fascinated about how drugs affect people. And I believe every society since documented history has shown the use of psychoactive drugs.


Read the whole thing; especially encouraged as you’re a US citizen. You need to know every opinion and viewpoint of QJ, imo, he’s an og American superhero. Plus it’s not like you’re likely to die of boredom doing so. The man sells entertainment, after all.


Dude, sorry to hear stuff like this is happening.
I and guys/girls my age all agree when we talk about it, that we are SO glad we did not go through our college age when the Internet and digital cameras and FB were around. Too much stuff can arbitrarily happen and then get suddenly posted and then poof your whole life may possibly change.

With children now, the key thing we’ll talk to them about is no “need” to have FB, in which case some day they may potentially be bombarded by classmates (female or male) who tease and berate them unmercifully for no apparent reason. If you don’t have FB, you won’t know about it and you can blissfully on with life or at least not give 2 shits about that stuff.

I honestly believe that LINE, Whatsapp, Skype, etc. are good enough for keeping in touch with friends and family members, and LINE even has news items (like FB) that you can forward, and those news items are not censored by FB “editors”.

Okay. I’ll get off my soapbox on FB now.


Quite the colorful figure, and refreshingly non-PC. Didn’t know he’d planned on going to Sharon Tate’s place the night of the murders. I remember him mentioning in another interview about Richard Pryor sleeping with Brando.


FB is a useful tool to connect with many people, especially if you’ve moved around. However there are downsides to it.

Luckily most people that know me know I’m not a person like. And those who believe her, which is less and less with her crazy feminist rants and views, are those with the same extreme views. It’s just an a scary experience seeing that someone can just spread lies like that, especially when it’s happening to you. I can’t prove I never touched her. And I’m left defenseless to someone who just wanted to say something so horrible about me. I can’t believe she would say this to people she and I know and tell the lies she made up to people. How sick of a person do you have to be to tell people that someone sexually harassed/abused you knowing it was a complete lie and it would hurt their reputation always.

All of this is ironic as one of the things she argued with me about in the post I disagreed with her on was that no one believes women in the apparent “rape culture” we in are. And always blames the women in victim blaming.

She has become more and more extreme as a feminist and social justice warrior. She is always posting about how white people are oppressors, ridiculous body positivity posting pictures of obese “models” and saying how they’re so brave and beautiful…”educating” people about how to use transsexuals proffered pronouns, posting pictures of women “free bleeding” I would not suggest you look that up if you have the benefit of never seeing it. She’s just posting about all the “injustices” of the world and how she’s always a victim. And her weekly gender queer femmes fashion outfit of the week… apparently she thinks they are so fashionable.

This is how feminists are, they always result to being the victim when confronted with the truth. Look at Cathy Newman, plays the victim after Jordan Peterson made a fool of her saying she needed security after the “debate”. (I assume you’ve seen the interview?)


Yeah… seen the interview.
Some/most of these people live in an alternate universe.
SJWs… a lovely group in society that want to enforce their views on everyone who disagrees with them.
The “SJ” is a pretty code word (at its most basic) for anti-free speech and other forms of control over certain entitlements within society (whether good or bad).


Hypervictimization is the final, bitter stage of making self the center of one’s existence.



(J = Jake LaMotta)


Idk, but it’s messed up. Accusing someone of something like that can seriously mess with your life. I avoid seeing people I used to know because she spread that thing around and it got spread around. It’s an awful feeling.


Btw when I asked @rowland about that, he didn’t have anything to say. Maybe this time he’ll enlighten us?


That’s absolutely appalling. Is that for real? Can you imagine someone doing the same thing with the gender role models reversed?

And they managed to get a non-white male model, just to make it doubly offensive.

OTOH, it’s probably best not to take these things too seriously. Shock value sells stuff, and PR people usually know how to calibrate the generated outrage at just the right level to make some sales.


One of the most watched annual sporting events in the world has gone away with podium girls.


TdF has been boring for quite some time now.
Rather watch them race in Spain or Italy.


Not sure if that was sarcastic? Nonetheless…

They call that the Vuelta de Espana. Also a grand tour. Also happens every year. Also…got rid of podium girls.

They call that the Giro d’Italia. Also a grand tour. Also happens every year. Who have not…gotten rid of podium girls.


HERE we go, UFC will have one of their male fighter ( who is a model too) be a RINGBOY


We’ll I guess this Feminist movement is creating jobs for male models and taking away from Female models…


No, not sarcastic. TdF, to me, has been boring.
I’d rather watch the other 2. Just my opinion.