Mexican Food in Taipei


I have eaten there once.
Meh…it was alright, I would not go back though.
They put more lettuce in their burritos than anything else.


I like it. It’s easy for me to get to, so I go there for my taco fix. They have spicy ground beef, hard corn shells, and fresh ingredients.


Add this one. It has one branch in Hsinchu and another one at Maji (Yuanshan).

No. 554, Section 2, Zhonghua Rd., Hsinchu

Tacos Luca
0989 865 531
Delivery service

This one in Daan:

This Saturday they will have live music, real rancheras. Recommended.


No longer Danshui, now they are a short walk from the American International School in Tianmu.

Really good Mexican food, (but I really don’t like their idea of a tamale.)


Um … as the next four or five people said in response to that post four years ago.


Hilarious…actually had me going for a second there, thinking I was witnessing the Triumphant Return of the One and Only @leftywang81!!!
Sadly, it was not to be…


His mother will be most upset about that!


Not if she knows anything about tamales.


You tell a Mexican lady that. :dizzy_face:

BTW, we do have a shortage of leaves here.


I like El Sabroso burritos


My top 2 for tacos are Twinkeyz available every day and El Sabroso only available on Taco Tuesday.

My top 3 overall are El Sabroso, Twinkeyz and Eddy’s.


Did someone say Quantum does the tacos at The Local? I’m not impressed. Not enough to go to a Quantum store.


They used to do the soft ones, but I don’t think they are doing the new hard-shell ones.


Tacos, beer and a warm bed. This is the meaning of life


In Taiwan, I’d settle for just a good taco.


Amen. When I go back to States I always need my tacos n burritos fix.

Mexican/TexMex restaurant with manly meat portions

Tell me that doesn’t look good.


That doesn’t look good.



Ahhh maybe the lighting was bad. Tasted good.


Yeah, I had a rather mediocre meal at Twinkeyz last Thursday. The taste was alright, but the tortillas for the tacos were all cold and of the five tacos we ordered, the filling of four of them were lukewarm. I had to send the horchata back because they seemed to have forgotten to sweeten it.