Mexican Food in Taipei

You are confusing South America with the American South. Neither of those places are in Mexico, however.

This is my new favorite (least bad?) “Mexican” place in Taipei. It’s not great, but it beats the alternatives.

I guess you were not around during the bad old days were you?

Fonda is a great leap forward compared to then. :slightly_smiling_face:


Like I said, it’s the new least-bad. It’s a low bar, but it’s all we’ve got.

Honestly, I thought the enchiladas were not even good by Taiwan standards. The tacos were good, though— maybe at least on par with Luca’s back when he used to do stuff in Taipei.

People mentioning Twinkiez and Macho should be put out of their misery. Those aren’t tacos.

Eddy’s is still my tolerable-ish standby due to location if nothing else.

Looking forward to the festival tomorrow. Hoping to find some new options!

How is Luca doing with his Xindian District Hall storefront? Love his tacos, love his tortillas, but I haven’t been since spring time.


New place opening in Maji.

Tacos N Taps


Is there a taco fest at Yuanshan this weekend?

@icon have you heard anything?


There was one a few weeks ago. I’ll check if there’s anything else coming up.

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I’ve been told there is one at Yuanshan this Saturday starting 6pm. I can’t find anything online about it.

Azucar all you can eat in 2 hours Saturday and Sunday.


The Tavernist is doing a Mexican themed meal set.

Avante garde high end Mexican but very tasty. Freshly made tortillas on site.

The Tavernist
02 2779 0688


Fonda red and green enchilada.

Tried to get a picture but it disappeared too fast.

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Nobody wants to look at your slobbery plate, bro… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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I thought it would be good marketing.

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Good marketing for food is appetizing.

Is this the new Mexican place near Chiang Kai shek?

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There are two Mexican restaurants in that CKS Memorial area on Roosevelt Road.

This one with the great sit-down plates is FONDA MÉXICO 豐富墨西哥菜

The one that’s more of a grab and go limited seats is NALA’s Mexican Food