Mister Donut


Is the Breeze Center store still only open 4pm-6pm?


The donuts at Carrefour are good enough for me, just not as many flavors … but no need to wait in line! :smiley:


Dunno the openting times but I can check next week and post it here.

Yesterday I had a late lunch, I think it was around 3-3:30pm and it was closed but people were queuing up from the shop in the basement all the way to the street level. It was still open around 7:30pm though when I went to buy the movie tickets.


Starbucks has a couple of good cake donuts lately. Two for 65.


Not worth the wait. I find their donuts dry and flaky compared to those in the States - to match the locals’ preference in sweets, but still…


There’s now a Mister Donuts at Warner Village (next to the McDonald’s), and a new one just opened last weekend (April 11th) across from the Carrefour on San Min Rd. in Banqiao. They’re open from 11am - 10pm.


I waited in line for about 15 minutes at Breeze center the other day, and discovered one of the reasons the line length is going down: Mister Donut is trying to go local, adding flavors like “red bean paste” and cutting down the amount of frosting on the donuts because someone complained that they were too sweet. Typical dying business practice here: get rid of the reason people like your product, add corn, and wonder why people aren’t lining up for four hours like they used to be.


They never will learn, will they? sigh :unamused:


Had some donuts from Mr. Donut two days ago (a friend lined up for an hour in Tienmou :loco: ) and I must say they didn’t suit my taste - way too oily (as in wet).

BTW: someone told me it’s a Japanese chain - is that correct?


These donuts are not for your taste. They are not for westerners. There simply are not enough of us to support the amount of shops that President Enterprises wants to open. Of course they have flavors like Red Bean right from the start, because Asians like these flavors and they are not accostomed to eating overly sweet things. You have to admit that many western style donuts are quite disgustingly sweet.

Mr. Donut is not for us, it is for the Taiwan people and the lines are most likely going down because it is not the FAD anymore, not because of the flavors. The flavors are the same as Japan and that is the taste Taiwan people like over our Dunkin Donuts in the USA which is admittedly overly sweet to the point of being extremely unhealthy. Of course, I try to eat Dunkin Donuts every time I return to the US, but my body and tastebuds can handle it. :laughing:


If the Dunkin’ Donuts in Beijing has no problems, I don’t see why they couldn’t give it a shot in Taiwan.


That’s what I hear, but my experience tells me different. I cannot buy Taiwanese jams because they are so sugary. Western jams taste more like the fruit and less like the candy glue that passes for Taiwanese jam. Sugared cereals are a dime a dozen in the grocery stores, but what about the healthy kinds? Taiwanese apparently prefer the candy-style cereals. Cakes, whether “western” style or traditional style in Taiwan tend to be horribly sweet, heavy and thick. Mooncakes? Hate 'em. Same goes for pineapple cakes, which always seem to come individually wrapped. Bread in Taiwan? Invariably sweet. Yogurt? Also sweet. A dessert that comes with semi-sweetned whipped cream, or chocolate flavours that don’t taste like a melted chocolate bar? Unheard of. I’ve tasted corn soup with sugar added! Ask for juice in your average Taiwnanese restaurant and you will get a fruit-“flavoured” drink that is 20 to 30 percent juice and 80 percent sugar water. Mayonnaise? Sweet. Salad dressing? Sweet. The list goes on and on…


[quote=“LittleBuddhaTW”]If the Dunkin’ Donuts in Beijing has no problems, I don’t see why they couldn’t give it a shot in Taiwan.[/quote] There use to be Dunkin donuts in Taiwan and it went out of business. Beijing has more tourists and foreign residents so they can keep at least one Dunkin Donuts in business.

MAOMAN: Nothing in Taiwan is as sweet as a US Dunkin Donut Chocolate frosted and Chocolate creme Filled donut without a hole. How about a jelly donut with powdered sugar. Come on. Cakes in Taiwan are not that sweet, especially their pineapple cakes and mooncakes. How about an American Moon Pie. Two sugar cookies sandwiching mashmellow covered in sweet chocolate on all sides. It is true Maoman, you must realize that. The bread is sweet here at times, but nothing like the kind of swet you get from a Hostess cupcake or HoHo, or Hostess Cherry pie covered in sugar glaze, etc.


Wow, you and I have very different takes on these things - I find them to be intolerably sweet, heavy and dry.

You’re talking about junk food - I’m talking about regular food. Compare a loaf of any kind of western bread with a loaf of its Taiwanese counterpart. The Taiwanese bread is sweeter and softer, whether it’s “whole wheat”, white, or whatever.


My opinion is that to Taiwanese, loaf bread isn’t ‘regular food’ for the most part, and nor is cereal. I suspect they see bread/sandwiches as more of a snack, like a packet of chips or instant noodles, and not the foundation of a real meal. I also hate pineapple cake, although moon cake is OK.

I don’t think the Taiwanese dislike sweet things either. I think what they’re not used to is the combination of sugar AND fat together in large amounts - hence their cakes are usually very light as well.


A long line of people waiting to buy donuts in Taipei was one of the silliest things I have seen in a long time.


[quote=“Durins Bane”]A long line of people waiting to buy donuts in Taipei was one of the silliest things I have seen in a long time.[/quote] I totally agree. It really bothers me for some reason. Some kind of FAD culture, everyone still talks about the lines for Dantan (Eggtarts) several years ago, there are other examples too. Some kind of mob mentality and love of renao. Taipei people like be where the other crowds are, it electrifies them and they are very curious and just have to see for themselves why it is so great. They also can’t bear to lose face, like “huh? You haven’t had Mr. Donuts yet? Oh my God, you don’t know what you are missing. You just have to go.” I went the first week, blah blah blah.


There is a new Japanese “Tonkatsu Sandwich” shop in Breeze with the 100 person line, why? What is so amazing about a Doughnut or pork slab sando??? Too many people with too much spare time and cash.




Way to stereotype an entire world region - and um, NO.

Japanese have some majorly sweet sweets (redundancy is go!).

Um, again: NO!

Nice try, but you’re wrong.

Mister Donut in Japan whups allama’s ass - major goodness. No “wet donuts” either!