Mister Donut


Yes, there is a Mister Donuts in Kaohsiung now. I heard Tapei also has a branch. I drove down there yesterday craving a good blueberry filled donut or a cinnamon pastry. The real kind, not some wannabe crappy donuts like the ones you can buy at your local bakery.

I could not believe the line up at that store!!! :astonished: There was about 200 people lined up and the wait was about 2 hours. Yes, 2 hours wait for some donuts. Needless to say I did not get any donuts but it was torture because I could see all the donuts in the window, I could smell them. But 2 hours?! :s

You know you live in the land of shitty donuts when…

I had to take pictures it was so ridiculous. BTW, I’m camping outside the shop tonight. I’ll have a guitar and I’ll be burning ghost money to stay warm. It will be like a bond fire/donut party. Anyone interested in joining me? :unamused:



What a bunch of suckers! Bobepine, you should go down there with a box of Portuguese egg tarts and walk up and down the line eating them with relish, while asking the sad dweebs: “So how long did you wait in line for the egg tarts a few years back? Worth it, was it? SUCKAHS!”

By the way, if it’s anything like it was in Taipei, the store staff will come out and try to chase you away if you point and laugh. The do-nut brains won’t because they’ll be far too scared of losing their place in the queue.

Good sport for a boring afternoon. :wink:


Same in Taipei when they just opened. Now the shops are … mostly empty. Must really taste good then.


The donuts suck compared to Tim Hortons in Canada or Dunkin Donuts in the States.

I didn’t see any blueberry filled donuts when I was there last year.

The donuts are dry and tasteless.


I think I waited three :slight_smile:

Donuts were not that good, but it was fun standing in line and making fun of people standing in line. Make sure you do it with a buddy though.

During our wait we:
[ul][li]Setup a phone with GPRS[/li]
[li]Connected said phone to a Pocket PC device via bluetooth for Internet surfing[/li]
[li]Played a game of Chess[/li]
[li]Made many jokes[/li]
[li]AND MORE!!![/li][/ul]
I also dropped a bunch of donuts off at me wife’s office and scored points there (Mr. Donut donuts were a hot itme at the time.) My wife still takes that Mr. Donut bag out and about from what must be almost a year ago now. The bag is/was more valuble than the donuts. :wink:






The lines in Taipei are shorter now but I’ve never seen an empty one. They are still too long for me. Once I walked by the store at NY NY and there was no line, so I went in a got a dozen. That’s the only time I have been. They are good but not that good. They have some Taiwaneseified donuts with the red bean and stuff. I have no business eating donuts anyway.


Siily me…and I thought all the dumbasses lived up north. :s

…runs for the door…


You know as well as I that dumbasses are everywhere! I mean EVERYWHERE!!

There’s one in the Shilin night market that has been empty the few times I’ve been down there. Don’t know if it’s always like that though.


When I first moved here about 5 years ago, a long time friend and I were talking about business ops in Taiwan. I make a really good American style donut. I suggested a donut shop and was quickly critisized because Taiwan people simply don’t like donuts. Now I have fun pointing to the lines and asking why all those people are waiting there. I know. It doesn’t take much to make me happy these days.
Still. I wonder how a REAL non-cardboard tasting donut, bismark, maple bar or bearclaw would go over. I tried Mr. D and, for my taste, they suck. Eat a mouth full of 7-11 bread goo and a spoon full of sugar and you get the same taste.


Sandman was once an hour and a half late meeting me for a drink.

It’s the last time I wait that long for that doughnut. :laughing:


[quote=“Stray Dog”]Sandman was once an hour and a half late meeting me for a drink.

It’s the last time I wait that long for that doughnut. :laughing:[/quote]
Seriously though folks, I don’t think I’ve ever actually eaten a donut before. Deep fried sweet dough with sugar on, right? Sounds delish! Not. :sick:

What’s a bear claw, btw?


Mister donut is just another 很好吃 myth… spread a rumor in Taiwan and hundreds of people will queue for hours, even for a bag full of shit… :loco:


[quote=“5566”]Mister donut is just another 很好吃 myth… spread a rumor in Taiwan and hundreds of people will queue for hours, even for a bag full of shit… :loco:[/quote]That’s mean. I’m still sad, I really wanted donuts. :frowning:



My roommate brought home a box once and force fed it to me. It wasn’t bad… but not doughnut good.


Yeah I live about 2 blocks away form that place and every time I’ve been past there have been ridiculous queues outside. Suckers… At least it gives me a laugh every time I drive past. I gotta get me some stink bombs and do a drive-by or something, see what I can do about clearing up those lines.

On second thought, would anyone even notice a stink bomb going off in this place? :s


It hasn’t died down at the Taibei Main Station New World Shopping Centre location. This was taken on Feb. 26, 2006! :astonished:


The line near 101 only had about 40 people in it last time I went by.


Maybe being seen waiting in line outside a Mister Donut is the latest trend in Taiwan.