More "Whitewashing" BS


Also yellow face, which is not at all this discussion is about.


Sorry, moderator. We’ll be good.


I mean Americans playing Russians :roll:


Then word your words better instead of trying to pump out posts as quick as you can.

Also, no, an American probably shouldn’t play a Russian or Mexican. Because the accents will be atrocious.


That’s stupid, there’s no genetic difference between (one assumes you mean white Americans) and Russians.

I can’t even keep your points straight here…


Join the club.


So this is about genetics now? What’s so different about Korean and Taiwanese genes that makes it offensive to cast a Korean person to play a Taiwanese character that doesn’t exist between American and Russian genes?

You have no fucking logic. At first you were saying that you’re upset about Asians being interchangeable, but with Caucasians you are now claiming “there are no genetic differences” between one group from another. Give me a fucking break.


This rubbish thread needs to be merged into the Outrage thread! Geez!


I think @Gain is sore that he’s finally coming off as the less progressive or PC person in an argument.

Actually there’s tons of physical difference between Taiwanese and Koreans. Anyone who gets a Taiwanese person mixed up with a Korean is either an idiot or hasn’t had enough exposure to both groups.


And there aren’t any physical differences between white ethnicities? What makes it ok for white actors to play a role of different nationality/ethnicity, but not ok for Asian actors to do the same? Because Asians are more different?


I don’t think it’s ideal. That’s just the raccoon.

Personally I hate it when someone like Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt adopts a horrendous, broad accent and tries to convince us he’s Eastern European.

And the irony of you lecturing people about “personal attacks”… please.


Yul Brynner played them all.


I’m happy I can witness this.


That’s because Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp have about as much acting talent as a brick. If it’s Marion Cotillard or Cate Blanchett or Daniel Day-Lewis I doubt anyone would have a problem with it.


yeah, it’s a bullsheet.
Next thing you know, whities will be making tacos, stealing food culture.

oh wait… Burrito store shut down on culture appropriation


Well I don’t understand why they didn’t cast billionaires in Wall Street, or Satan worshippers in Rosemary’s Baby, or Missourians in 3 Billboards, or a lawyer for To Kill A Mockingbird. I’ll never understand why they don’t strictly cast from ghostbusters for Ghostbusters movies, or Shreks for Shrek movies, or why they don’t cast from the Marvel Universe for Marvel movies.

Oh wait, it’s acting. An occupation where one person pretends to be another person by definition. The profession where it’s all make-believe, all fiction. Fiction!!

At least if the OP had saved this thread for tomorrow the beer drinking by 6pm would have killed it naturally by now.


You make a lot of assumptions.


Well I don’t see you complaining about Schindler’s List (which I hate) or The Pianist. Or are you gonna call them inappropriate now for putting on German/Polish accents?


That’s because not everyone likes to complain 24/7. I’m not going to write about everything I have a problem with. You do enough complaining for everyone here.


He speaks fluent pikey though