Moving to Taiwan (Penghu)

Hello guys. I am Russian and I would love to move to Taiwan. First to study (masters) for two years and then I would love to stay. During my research on Taiwanes universities I discovered Penghu University of Science and Technology. Penghu seems like a very nice calm place, ocean is everywhere (that’s what I like), seems to have nice food and climate etc. Is there anyone who has been there? Mb someone studied in that uni? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the life there?
I know that many people call islands boring. But honestly I recently just decided that I want to live in the calm and warm place with ocean near me.
Any advices are apreciated.


Good luck!

Interesting idea. It’s a super small island, so I guess you better learn Chinese fast and well, and try to fit in :grandpa:

I hope someone here can help with 1st hand insights, although the chance seems not so high

I have been learning Chinese for almost 6 years (4 of them in the university). I am trying really hard to increase my level now. Thank you! I asked the advice in Russian forum, people just laughed at me and trolled me and brought me down. So unmotivating ;(


There is a Russian language Taiwan forum? :open_mouth:

Awesome, hope you learned Chinese not with a mainland accent ^^

You will definitely get some silly jokes here as well I’m afraid. But apart from that, I hope some good advice.

Some older threads:


I think they have no major hospitals there so they helicopter people over to K-town in an emergency?

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Nothing wrong with a proper Beijing accent like they still used on TV in the 1990s. But do switch the vocabulary: 道地 instead of 地道.

Kind of incorrect.
880, Taiwan, Penghu County, Magong City, 前寮里90號
That’s a Tri-Service hospital, meaning it originally is/was set up for military service members. I went to the one in Ting-Zhou Street in Taipei (near Gongguan). It is not bad. Have also been to the very big Tri-Service hospital in Neihu. That is good quality, as well.
They would not need to fly you out for an emergency.

Давай сюда! Нам нужно больше русской культуры на Тайване.
Возьми с собой самовар, тайваньцы ето любят.

Не привози ничего с маком. Иммиграция считает это наркотиком! :laughing:

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Just keep in mind the winters can be brutal: some long-term Penghu residents migrate when it starts. Apparently the wind and cold are terrible, people have to spend time indoors for extended periods. That and the loneliness can drive some up the wall.


I have close Taiwan friends with family and house in Penghu. They leave a lot to avoid the wind and to just do things. Wind with the sand even destroys the paint on cars. A lot of people, that aren’t fishing or managing their small shop, fly to main island Taiwan on weekends. Can see the entire main Penghu island/s driving in one day.

Very very small town existence life.

Don’t think of it as exotic tropical island. Some beaches, but no facilities, few people.

Could probably be very simply happy there in the right situation.


HOw about the Univ in Kaohsiung that has monkeys (real ones) on campus? More fun to live in Kaohsiung. Taiwan itself is an island with ocean all around. Penghu may be too small to be in 24/7/365

The one time i visited Penghu was in winter. Never went back.

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You are saying this to a Russian? :grin:


You’re telling a Russian that a Taiwanese winter will be cold?


Freagin funny. It’s all relative.

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Can you please specify? From what I saw in the internet, the minimal temperature In January is 15 degrees Celsius which is super cool, Because sometimes we have colder than that here in Russia during the summer, let alone winter… what do you mean by brutal?

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Do they have fruits and vegetables there? Are there expensive? What about seafood?

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More seafood than you can shake a stick at.

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Is this a trick question? :thinking:

Fruits and vegetables same as everywhere but not as much and just like most places, some imported.

Great seafood, can go to the harbor/s in the morning and pick the daily selection. The urchin is amazing. And all cheap.

No large stores, malls, shopping centers, etc.

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What about property there? You mentioned that you friend has a house there. How cheap/expensive was it? (Thank you for all the answers btw :smile:)

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