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I’m not saying you believe in the patriarchy. Just that this concept is the same used in the argument.

There’s been a recent push to say there are no differences between men and women. Idk if you’re following the recent trend of trans athletes competing in the women’s group and just destroying them. One trans fighter broke a women’s jaws. 2 trans brothers destroyed the women’s sprint competition, recent push to allow trans to be allowed to compete in high school sports as the gender they changed into. Idk where your stance is on this. But I know there is a difference. I played against our division 1 women’s basketball team on the practice squad. My 13-14 year old team could destroy them tbh. And we weren’t even like an elite team.

I think it’s far more likely society developed into the way it is because it’s what we are inclined to naturally. It’s hard to believe men pushed half the worlds population into roles they all hated to be.

Read the whole post dude (I invested time in it, believe it or not). Make life benefit you.

Tbh you’re making me question the nature of this discussion, and if it goes down in a way that isn’t constructive or fun, Ima quickly lose interest.

Gonna give you the benefit of the doubt that you’re having a shitty day.


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Well that escalated quickly :zipper_mouth_face:

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First time I’m hearing this. Not a big fan of political debates, especially online. Only time I’ll do it is in person with a Guinness in hand. If I can’t look straight into your eyes when you’re making bold polarizing political opinions, it’s not gonna happen at all.

On the surface level it doesn’t seem fair. But also, considering there are short men and tall women, I wouldn’t object to separating athletes by weight classes. Put Ronda Rousey in the octagon with another male fighter her size and weight. I’d pay for that PPV.

I literally don’t understand what you’re upset about. I’ve not attacked you, I’ve not said anything in a passive aggressive way. I’ve stayed on point.

What are these negative generalizations you seem to be so upset about? Are you thinking I’m attributing negative generalizations to women and positive generalizations to men? Because that’s not the case.

Your post showed that you did not even read the 2nd half of that long considered post. It’s evident in that many of the replies you wrote were already addressed later on in my post.

It’s a weakness, but I hate repeating myself.


Yeah, we’re in agreement here. This is why I’m still investing some time on the topic.

I read it. I understand confirmation bias and self fulfilling prophecy. They are real. But they also go the other way around for cognitive biases.

I think you’re unhappy with some of the common behaviors I wrote I see in women like gossiping and back stabbing. Here is a better way to describe it. Women are on average more agreeable and less confrontational. Which can be a great attribute in some circumstances since it’s not always great for the group to disagree harshly all the time. Nothing will ever get done. It can be bad as conflict resolution can result in less confrontational means like gossiping.

Men are less agreeable and more confrontational on average which can be very negative. But I would say men do better because we understand confrontation can be dangerous and violent. If you want to get into a confrontation with a man, you better be prepared. Most of us live more sheltered from where this is more prevalent and laws kind of keep us in check. But I think most of us understand the social dynamics of being with a group of guys. Animal hierarchy often show the exact same thing.

Here Is a article listing many of he personality traits of men and women score on and studies.

These days many feel it’s just nurturing and how the system is that cause these differences. But there have been many studies done on early infants that show differences between gender as well. For example girls learn languages faster early on, boys react more happily and more angry to things. There’s many if you want to look into them. One in particular is interesting where infants were given trucks and dolls. Boys on average spent more time with the trucks and girls dolls. But it’s not like boys didn’t also play with the dolls and the girls didn’t spent time with the trucks. They just spent more time with one of the other. More interestingly it also is the case when they gave dolls and trucks to infant monkeys.

So basically, what I’m saying is. Gender is not the only thing that makes up a persons identity. But I truely believe it’s an extremely important part and the science seems to back it up. I don’t believe it’s a social construct and there is a important role gender plays on our personality from all the research I’ve seen.

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I didn’t know I said this, but in which post?

in my world, men like these things too. I’m surprised if you don’t know it. Though back stabbings are not norm as it wasn’t in my high school, some of men do a lot of gossiping and back talking as some of women do.

in my daily life, generalizations don’t help unless subjects are mass groups. I can find some common tendencies among people categorized in certain groups, but for my individual relationships, individual differences affect much more than averaged tendencies, and generalizations are almost useless. Cultural or religious generalizations work sometimes.

She’d almost certainly lose. Power is more than just weight and height.

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Yeah, doubt that. Of course it’s more than just height and weight, technique is a major, key factor. And she’s proven she has that.

Btdubs, just for context — you’re talking with someone who is friends and has trained with Helio Gracie’s grandsons, and on a few occasions, his sons.

We need a UFC thread. I prefer MMA talk.

It’s more than just technique, although that is incredibly important. Weight distribution, muscle density, bone structure, and aggression through hormones. A man of equal height and weight to a woman will be more powerful in a fight.

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That may be true in “civilian” scenarios, but we’re talking professional athletes with full on training camps. Not to mention the money and stature of Rousey allows her to command a substantially more extensive team of staff, medical included, coach, sparring partners, nutrition. But medical and access to the absolute top tier sparring partners for regular training is probably the biggest one. Probably only McGregor has that level of team backing him.

Also, and this is big: go back and read up on or YouTube some of Hélio Gracie’s most famous bouts. There wasn’t even such a thing as weight class back then. You have like maybe three rules: no eye gouge, no biting, no low blows. Royce in UFCs 1-4 also dispelled that notion. Sure those things you mentioned are factors. No doubt about that. But there are def more bigger deciding agents to consider. Check em out.

Also to consider: speed, agility, reaction time, innate talent. Amount of aggression from not just hormones, but anger. And the level of want (which sadly is probably what she definitely lacks right now, so long shot of her returning to the octagon).

Same weight, training, technique a male will beat a female. Look at powerlifting. The best woman can lift just under 8 times her body weight. The best man over 10.

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See, now that’s not what we’re talking about, though :wink:

Did you read your own link?

Your first paper ends with this conclusion:

we are optimistic that any difficulties in communication between men and women are due primarily to cultural norms that are amenable to change, rather than to differences in basic personality traits, which are much more difficult to change.

Second link:

Even though the boys spent more time looking at the truck than the girls did, they didn’t necessarily look at it more than they did the doll.

That just means boys look at the presented objects longer while girls dart their eyes to check out other things, outside of the truck or the doll. Maybe their parents. Maybe the researchers. Maybe the light switches. Who knows.

Girls tend to look at the doll more than they do the truck, but individual girls didn’t. In fact, the results varied wildly from child to child, with some unable to produce any data

See, each girl is wildly different. To “average” each of their attention spans out seems disingenuous and misleading, and most importantly, plain wrong, since you’re attributing an average of “wildly varied” results to one person.

Your article ends with this conclusion:

While these studies may shed some light on the differences between two groups of people, they’re unlikely to contradict the obvious: We’re all individuals.

“Venus and Serena Williams had claimed that they could beat any male player ranked outside the world’s top 200, so Braasch, then ranked 203rd, challenged them both. … He first took on Serena and after leading 5–0, beat her 6–1. Venus then walked on court and again Braasch was victorious, this time winning 6–2.”


lol she is doing WWE now

Pointing out errors and pointlessness in negative sweeping generalizations on behavior based on a sexual organ

There ya go.


I’m going to sound like a douchebag for seemingly contradicting myself here.

Among the most “difficult” (I say that in quotes) people I’ve met, statistically speaking have turned out to be women (sorry ladies). If I’m recalling memories, I’ve statistically found the women I’ve met in my life harder to please than the men.

But I don’t hand wave that away ask, “oh, a bunch of asshole women.” That’s just my luck of the draw, because certainly I’ve met plenty of kind women—way more than I’ve met the bad ones.

Again, at the risk of being a bigger motherhumpin’ douche…

Among my closest friends and colleagues, the ratio here tilts overwhelmingly male. Maybe for obvious reasons. But statistically speaking among the most agreeable people in my life, now that I think about it, have been male. That’s not to say I don’t have a few lady friends who are incredible people. But all my friends, sprinkled with a couple of female presence but for sure mostly and largely male, are all chill AF. No confrontation, just chill vibes.

Yeah. Like I said I’ve never had issues bringing shit up with my male colleagues or friends. We’re all straight shooters. With female friends on the other hand (damn, really hate to be a dick — sorry ladies), it now seems like I would hesitate… or just brush away. When I was a kid (we’re talking kindergarten to like 6th grade), I was always low key nervous talking or playing with girl classmates. Among the entire class those particular girls just seemed so much smarter than me lol. Like they got more important shit to do than climb trees and catch bugs with me. Meanwhile me and my bros sit around playing exploding juice box land mines. It was dumb.

But I am also smart enough to recognize and acknowledge that it was a small ass sample size and my experience is not the God’s Gospel on all human behavior.

I don’t think @tando and I are particularly unusual. Maybe just have a bit more free time to spend on the internet than the average woman.