Nazi Themed Hair Salon


and a brush mustache.


The Nazis around here aren’t very impressive.

I suppose it would be some kind of crime to give him an involuntary haircut…?


I’m pretty sure they’ve apologized a metric shit-ton of times:

Don’t repeat KMT/CCP propaganda. Just because some random old guy there jumps up and says “Sorry, not sorry” and because they haven’t officially gotten on their knees and licked Xi’s shoes, or given millions in reparations (which is what the “they never apologized” lie is really about) doesn’t mean they haven’t apologized.


I’m still waiting for that KMT apology for the one million civilians killed in anti-communist purges pre-1949.


Ehhh, they’re losing any grip they had on the island. And they’ve been going over to the mainland to bow to empower Xi which hasn’t helped. I can’t see them winning many elections. Which is also not great leaving the dpp unchecked.


Glass-hearted much?


And while the Taiwanese lack of knowledge regarding the Nazi and WW2 (if there is) doesn’t surprise me, what does is that every now and then I remark to a Taiwanese how it’s funny Taipei still has a monument dedicated to a dictator, to which they reply “I don’t understand, Chiang Kai-shek was a nice guy.”


Those are pretty low signs. I’m sure either a baseball bat or screwdriver (depending on your preference) would make quick work of them. It’s definitely what would happen in most countries.


A lot of those are like, ‘sorry that you got upset about the bad thing that happened’ as opposed to sorry for raping and pillaging and torturing people in ways that would be shocking in a slaughterhouse.

Exibit A:

September 6, 1984: Emperor Hirohito said to President Chun Doo Hwan: “It is indeed regrettable that there was an unfortunate past between us for a period in this century and I believe that it should not be repeated again.” (Meeting with President Chun Doo Hwan.)[10]

Like you said, sorry not sorry


Yeah, the complaints are usually they chalk it up to war ambiguously and don’t really acknowledge certain events.


Yea, all the major powers have some of that, they get to choose to forget. No problem with a huge monument to napoleon in Paris. just one example.


It wasn’t some old guy. Their PM abe questioned whether japan actually coerced women into being comfort women publicly. This idea is prevalent by the Japanese, it’s not just a few. I’ve met a few people Taiwan who also questioned if comfort women were real in Taiwan, particularly those who really love the Japanese.


My first job part time to get me on my feet in Taiwan was teaching history. My school was pretty cool on letting me teach how I wanted after I read through the text book and it was completely BS. It was an American textbook, after reading through it and thinking this is not a accurate representation of history at all, I decided not to use the book after seeing a picture of George Washington in the middle of the field with slaves. Picture was captioned George Washington valued hard work.


is it a cultural way to apologize in east Asia?

(Korean) President Moon said that "… I express my sincere regrets concerning our unfortunate recent history that remains in our minds.”


Maybe I can just leave at that and take them as apologies. But my experience with Japanese people is they either completely do no know any of these things happened or they excused it to war times or even spin it as they weren’t coerced and forced.

How much are they remorseful and think of it when they don’t even know about it or excuse it and spin it. I’ve even heard justification of it that they were paid well and had a better life.


I think its more about a failure to acknowledge that certain things happen. And its by no means unique to Japan or East Asia.


Shinzō abe questioned it. Didn’t seem to attract much backlash at home. Can you imagine that for a German politician. Sure some holocaust deniers but the general people would be going off on him.

I do feel the Germans went to far in Nazi censorship. I understand why, but I don’t think things like banning video games with Nazi symbols was really necessary.


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They were never banned. The games just would not get an “age appropriateness” rating from the government. You could still buy the games legally if you were an adult (that was way before the internet, nowadays any kid can buy the uncensored version online). In order to get a rating and be able to sell to teenagers legally, the distributors self-censored.

Interestingly the above rule has been relaxed last month and the rating agency will now give ratings to games that include Nazi symbols. So it might be possible for teenagers to buy these games legally in the future.


I heard it was relaxed as it was categorized into artistic works or something. But from what I understand since games with Nazi symbols (even if you killing Nazis) could not get government age appropriate ratings. It could not be sold in stores, so pretty much a ban?