New Economic Immigration Bill


They are always planning.
Wake me up when real actions take place.


The most significant and likely most controversial provisions of the Economic Immigration Act would create a yet another class of foreign nationals: foreign mid-level technicians. At least at first, foreign mid-level technicians would be migrant workers (including domestic workers and caregivers) already in Taiwan who currently have no feasible path to permanent residence or citizenship.IF THIS IS A CONTROVERSIAL why they didnt not remove this one so that it will passed already and other than this do anyone knows what is the other problems why this new economic act didnt pass in The legislature?

When would you think this bill would be finish?

Any news about it?

and it runs through December

in your opinion, do you think this would pass this year?

Even if the bill passes this year, the implementation will be in 2021.

This bill has been proposed many times but never went to second reading. If someone can find the TV recordings from the legislative sessions where it was discussed, we might be able to learn more.


The New Economic Immigration Bill is in the news this week:

The head of the NDC says they will announce a new draft next week, which will then be introduced to the legislative yuan for debate.


Good to hear. Fingers crossed on it getting somewhere!

What happen to the new draft now?is it in the debate Stage in the legislative yuan?as you said that this is the new draft so it mean the old one that didnt passed for a vote will gone now?

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