New York Department of Health Fully Endorses Racism

In the US, unlikely. That’s what red-lining was for, keeping white people in separate (and much better) neighborhoods than everyone else. It’s why the Tulsa Race Massacre is such a never mentioned time in US history. Even in big cities, people tend to live close to other people that look like them. There are exceptions, but it’s not the rule. So you can distribute medical care based on race or based on zip code. There’s hardly any difference in who you’re targeting


just because your dad is wealthy and a bad person, doesn’t mean all white people are

i for one wasn’t born into the privilege that you were. how dare you

yes, or also judging the world based on one narrow, personal perspective and maybe an anecdote or two

a big difference is, one is by definition ‘racist’. some of us think racism is bad :man_shrugging:


That’s not what I said

You didn’t have parents who could afford to put food on the table?

Nope, I listen to stories by reputable reporters who talk to every variety of people

Yeah, but you don’t seem to think racism is bad except when white people are being “hurt” by it. The systemic things that make non-whites have to struggle aren’t racist; only the policies put in place to help them are

It’s nice to leave a thread for a while and return to find your own crazy thoughts have been infinitely superceeded.


it didn’t say that

for the record, i believe all lives matter, and we should judge people by the content of their character not the color of their skin. for you to insinuate that i am racist in favour of white people is unacceptable, but not surprising

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It’s great that you’re color blind. It really helps you understand that not everyone that doesn’t have the same color skin is treated the same way as you. /sarcasm

Or have you never noticed that “foreigners”, aka “white people” are not treated the same as “Taiwanese”, aka “Han Chinese people” in Taiwan? Is it a complement when people tell me that my Chinese is so good they wouldn’t have known it was a foreigner speaking if they didn’t see my face? I am judged based on my race every time I open my door and walk outside. People that don’t know me personally make assumptions about me based on my skin color alone, always. I am ignored at the doctor’s office, in restaurants, and by taxis, even though I pay taxes here and speak fluent Chinese, because people assume I’m a monolingual white person that’s mooching from the government because that’s all they’ve had experience with/heard from their family. People tell me that I couldn’t possibly be making my own way and that my parents must be paying for things I have while at the same time insisting that doctors and pilots don’t even make as much money as me and that I only make that money because I’m a foreigner, which means “white” here. If you think race is a social construct and therefore it should be ignored, by all means. I still go about my life and am treated very differently exclusively because I am white. It has helped me to be more aware that people who are not white are also treated differently than white people in the US. Sorry your experience living abroad hasn’t helped make you more cognizant of that. You have no right to ever complain about discriminatory policies against foreigners in Taiwan again.

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Yes. In what world would it not be?


There are white people who were born and raised in Taiwan who are culturally and linguistically Taiwanese that would consider that an insult. It’s a way to say “you’re different from me, but I almost believed you were the same, but I just wanted to remind you that we’re not”

This seems like a problem with your thinking, not theirs. It’s a way of complimenting you on your hard work and determination in learning a foreign language so fluently.




White guilt and CRT. Going full bananas I see. :hear_no_evil:


That’s not what I said.

Sure, I understand racism (positive and negative) exists in the world. My position is that we should try not to make racist policies as per the thread topic.

Yes. Perhaps you haven’t received many compliments, but this is definitely one. Kudos on your language skills.

And now you can be judged on it by the NYDoH, too. Officially.

Sure, I understand racism (positive and negative) exists in the world. What’s your point?

What’s your point, beyond that you seem to have a lot of money here?

I didn’t say that, either. Did someone say something about straw men?

Sure, I understand racism (positive and negative) exists in the world. And now you can be negatively judged on it by the NYDoH, too. Officially.

Oh, don’t worry, my experiences in life have made me very cognizant of lots of things. I don’t think I missed this one, either.

This conclusion is unacceptable, and not supported by your argument. D-


You sure you live in Taiwan? I’ve never heard or experienced anything remotely similar in my decades here.


Why must certain people constantly search for reasons to be insulted/outraged? Is it fun?


Maybe they reach a tipping point in one area of their life and this is a way to redress that balance. It’s also a lot lot easier to pick holes in what other people are saying and doing, instead of really focussing on the stressors your own life.

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Ah, so it’s kinda like the camera cops here. Same mentality I think.

Difficulty is though that it’s hard to tell people to stop trying to fix society. Some people actually do manage to punch through societal difficulties and effect deep societal change. Most though just lose their shit on an aeroplane or make snide comments. Society labels those people, (current iteration is Karening the person) and mocks them, rather than asking, “what’s up?” thus making the situation worse.

there are very different ways to “fix” society. for some, the best way is a race-based approach to fixing society (the KKK, for example). why not a socio-economic approach that doesn’t assume black people can’t afford to feed their children?

timely example

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Good old fashioned shame doesn’t work like it used to. The batty embrace it and become battier. Covid has made that especially apparent.

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I’m talking generally and have no desire to change anyone’s mind. I don’t mind being called Karen. Even though it’s not one of my ‘preferred,’ pronouns.