Oh, Canada!

Oh cannabis!

Unprincipled Justin is still living off of his old man’s legacy. QE2 commented that she couldn’t believe she would live to witness the second generation of Trudeau at the helm.

The two heroines were upholding Canada’s dignity of rule of law. They are now running as independents in the next election.

I’ve been sticking my head in the sand over here, ever since Harper sold our wheat to Saudi Arabia. Wtf else does Canada have now?! We have NOTHINGGGGG! No wonder the dollar is so weak (which is great for my upcoming trip…).

But really. Can someone please tell me what Canada DOES have? :worried:

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Gold reserves? Oh, wait…feelsbadman.

Passports? that and there are a few buildings left in Vancouver for the Chinese to buy.

Over 600 land treaties with First Nations!

Report to be released quotes…CANADIAN GENOCIDE!

Truth is truth but some for whatever reasons like to debate, argue etc etc simply to disprove realities.

To me, a spade is a spade. Everyone has every right to call it a titanic!

a lot of mosquitoes and black gnats that get into the corners of your eyes in the summer

Sounds attractive, where do I sign up for vacation .

It’s laughable to see an American circlejerk dedicated to mocking Canada.

our family took many camping trips up north during summers growing up.
great memories. fishing, swimming in lakes and rivers, etc.
but, fuq, those gnats!


what nation-state doesn’t have shit buried in its back yard?

If only humans can live life with humility?

Probably none, but at least you don’t get the leaders of Congo on the news every other day virtue signaling about their status in the “current year” moral hierarchy .


When the Canadian Society for the Study of Education meets in Vancouver at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, a trio of education theorists will argue that dodgeball is not only problematic, in the modern sense of displaying hierarchies of privilege based on athletic skill, but that it is outright “miseducative.”

Dodgeball is not just unhelpful to the development of kind and gentle children who will become decent citizens of a liberal democracy. It is actively harmful to this process, they say.

ahhhhh. so, they want docile children who sit and must shutup, or something to that effect.
why not designate all children as not docile and have ADD and drug them up

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WTF. Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth…until a strongman comes along and stuffs them in a locker.

So it’s ok for a 5yo boy who likes a skirt to get pumped with hormones because being a trans kid is brave&stunning, but playing dodgeball is a dangerous tool of oppression?

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Wouldn’t be surprised to see a bumper crop of uber-conservative Canadians in 2035 or so. Those kids are going to be so pissed off. :grin:

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It has definitely hit a point of ridiculousness. This article is a good read in relation to the whole inquiry:

I think the inquiry (and Trudeau’s pandering as a whole) has blown up in his face. He has definitely alienated a large portion of his more conservative leaning Liberal supporters. I just hope he doesn’t get re-elected or we have to put up with 4 more years of this nonsense.

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