Opinions about a recent case in department store

Presumably, the card would at least have his name on it.

A name is personal information, but not private (or sensitive) personal information. And the name would be recorded and stored by the store regardless of whether the photograph was taken.

The issue is data protection and consumer rights . They need to explain who they were sending that information to.


If there’s data, yes. But the OP has clarified that there is some limited data on the card.

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You can sue them because there are laws about handling customers information .
I don’t suggest you sue them because I think the company will just blame the ignorant staff and pin it on her. But you can continue to make a stink about it.

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She may have sent his information , possibly to a third party org, without his permission. Credit card fraud is rife unfortunately although muvb less of a problem in Taiwan than south east Asia.

I think some countries would look at it as a fake when entering and being checked at customs.

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It’s a diabolical effin’ liberty is what it is.

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I would not blame the girl too much. She was paranoid. Probably was shown a video about cloned credit cards during her training. This card does not look like anything she usually encounters. It was a lack of judgement to use Line to send it to (presumably) a supervisor. Needs to call for in store supervisor if she does not know what to do.

Just let it go. Not much harm done.


I’d say a warning is necessary, and enough.
I assume they’ve done that already, as they offered a compensation.
There’s no need to keep dragging it any further.


There’s probably nothing illegal about what she’s done unless the card number was used to make purchases without your permission.

I see the point you are getting at though, you don’t want the card number floating around in a random LINE chat group. Secondly, it just seems improper that this is the method they use. There’s nothing secure or official about it.

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That’s the problem with today’s cards … the tech is stuck in the 70s.

Cards don’t need personal info in it. They actually don’t need any info printed on them. High value transactions can easily be protected by SMS or bank in-app verification.

The whole concept of printing info on the card is a holdover from the old days. ( actually when your card would be physically press swiped on a carbon paper machine and the embossed info would appear on the paper )

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I don’t get it either. In every country I lived in similar behavior has happened.

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