Parler; anyone joined it yet?

Any thoughts on the experience prior to Amazon pulling support?

The court filing, first reported by Seattle Times, lays out the ways in which Parler violated Amazon’s terms of service by using what Amazon calls a “hands-off approach” to moderating the content of its users. Amazon says it approached company leadership at Parler in mid-November 2020 and tried to get the social media service to address its problems.

Parler was either unable or unwilling to properly police its content, which became increasingly worse after President Donald Trump lost the presidential election to Joe Biden. Users called for a new civil war and threatened the assassination of politicians like Stacey Abrams and tech company executives like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

The threats Amazon filed as examples of extremist speech on Parler are below. All redactions and censoring of words appears in the original court filing.

  • “Fry’em up. The whole fkn crew. #pelosi #aoc #thesquad #soros #gates #chuckschumer #hrc #obama #adamschiff #blm #antifa we are coming for you and you will know it.”
  • #JackDorsey … you will die a bloody death alongside Mark Suckerturd [Zuckerberg]… It has been decided and plans are being put in place. Remember the photographs inside your home while you slept? Yes, that close. You will die a sudden death!”
  • “We are going to fight in a civil War on Jan.20th, Form MILITIAS now and acquire targets.”
  • “On January 20th we need to start systematicly [sic] assassinating [sic] #liberal leaders, liberal activists, #blm leaders and supporters, members of the #nba #nfl #mlb #nhl #mainstreammedia anchors and correspondents and #antifa. I already have a news worthy event planned.”
  • “Shoot the police that protect these shitbag senators right in the head then make the senator grovel a bit before capping they ass.”
  • “After the firing squads are done with the politicians the teachers are next.”
  • “Death to @zuckerberg @realjeffbezos @jackdorsey @pichai.”
  • “White people need to ignite their racial identity and rain down suffering and death like a hurricane upon zionists.”
  • “Put a target on these motherless trash [Antifa] they aren’t human taking one out would be like stepping on a roach no different.”
  • “We need to act like our forefathers did Kill [Black and Jewish people] all Leave no victims or survivors.”
  • “We are coming with our list we know where you live we know who you are and we are coming for you and it starts on the 6th civil war… Lol if you will think it’s a joke… Enjoy your last few days you have.”
  • “This bitch [Stacey Abrams] will be good target practice for our beginners.”
  • “This cu** [United States Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao] should be… hung for betraying their country.”
  • “Hang this mofo [Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger] today.”
  • “HANG THAt N***** ASAP”

I noticed Telegram has had millions of new members.

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Founder of Pirate Bay. Hard to disagree.

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You give them your phone, then type something illegal, and think parler is going to protect your phone number? :rofl:

Parler is sharing information with the FBI in connection with the Department of Justice’s investigations into the violent riot at the US Capitol.

A sworn affidavit from an FBI agent filed in court Tuesday says Eduardo Florea stockpiled more than 1,000 rounds of ammo and threatened to kill US Sen.-elect Raphael Warnock of Georgia.

The affidavit says the FBI received records from Parler to identify the user behind the account “LoneWolfWar,” which Florea used to make the threats. Parler provided the phone number associated with the account, the affidavit says, and the FBI used it, and info from T-Mobile, to identify Florea.

Florea, a professed supporter of the Proud Boys, a fascist pro-Trump group with chapters across the US, was denied bond and remains in jail while awaiting trial.

I now use the following.

Rumble instead of Youtoo
DuckDuckGo instead of Goggle
Gab, Parler, MeWe instead of Fakebook and Tweezers
ProtonMail instead of Gmeal

Actually if you’re into self-publishing and new media or investment, there are tremendous opportunities to carve out a territory on nascent platforms instead of sinking with legacy brands. (ROI can be huge because of very low or negligible entry cost)

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And you started counting since when, cake?

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There were abundant death threats and discussion of violence against US elected officials were commonplace on the site. It’s certainly not due to a lack of warning that cops were unprepared for the violence that that site helped cultivate.

Also very hard to use and clunky interface.

He likely saw it on Twitter, though he’ll never join

Okay dokay, have fun. All those replacements are like Brand X inferior to the ones you’re dropping. Clunky interface, often slow, less functionality, etc.

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I’ve been using Duck Duck Go for years. It’s great now.

A 25% increase in the last 9 months.

In the last country I lived in before Taiwan, WhatsApp was king. Now everybody and their grandma is jumping ship to Telegram and Signal. They’re extremely user-friendly, not clunky at all. Especially given how many new users they’ve suddenly needed to handle.

Have to say I’d agree with this.

Heard a great analysis of the take down on my favorite podcast, the gist.

He starts off by reading some posts amazon asked parler to remove.

"After the firing squads are done with the politicians, the teachers are next. Fry them up the whole f ing crew, Pelosi, AOC, the squad, Schumer, Soros, Gates, Adam Schiff. We are coming for you and you will know it. Jack Dorsey, you will die a bloody death alongside Mark Zuckerberg. It has been decided and plans are being put in place. We are going to fight a civil war on January 20th for militias. Now, on January 20th, we need to start systematically assassinating liberal leaders, liberal activists shoot the police that protect the shit bag senators. Anyway, it goes on and on and on. Oh, maybe this is one that would turn Mitch McConnell around that. See you blank. Blank. Elaine Chao should be hung for betraying their country. Hang this mofo. Salkey talking about Brad Raffensperger today. Hang that N-word ASAP.

OK, I could I can find a bunch of sentiments on Twitter that are maybe just as horrible, but they would be brought down. And what Amazon said it did is contact parler and it kept raising the issue of Amazon for. These comments and parler wasn’t taking them down on January 6th, on January 8th, 9th and 10th, they had discussions. Amazon was concerned about content upon content, upon content. And then the parler executive said there is a backlog of twenty six thousand reports of content that violate its community standards and forget about its community and they can’t get to the backlog. That was the point in which Amazon said, well, then we cannot continue to host you. Amazon was doing what our nation as a whole couldn’t do. It was faced with a vile flood that couldn’t be stemmed. And Amazon, because it’s probably more powerful than the federal government was able to say, well, we actually have the power to put an end to this. And so they did. This isn’t even a free speech case, really. It’s an incitement case. "

TL.DR He argues it is not a free speech case, it’s an incitement case. Amazon brought serious complaints to Parler that they had received.Parler did nothing about them.Amazon had thousands of really bad posts inciting violence needing to be taken down. Parler made it clear it would do nothing. It was taken down because of this non action, not free speech.

Laughable. Pure and simple, it’s political censorship. And the Socialist totalitarian type of censorship, where companies are a facade of the Party.

As a supplier / vendor, Amazon is interfering how others do their businesses.

Say if you are the supplier of gas or electricity to a restaurant, or you are the landlord who leases out your property to this restaurant, you really don’t have the right to tell the restaurant to kick out some of their customers out just because you overheard their customers talking some “hate speech” while dining there.

None of these for-profit companies have the moral high ground nor legal status than any other companies to judge free speech.

China has coerced Marriott and all commercial airliners to change Taiwan to “Taiwan, Province of China.” China has been /could very well be using the same Marxist logic as these American Leftist as an excuse to say “Taiwan” incites separatists movements, and separate movements is equivalent to violence, and therefore Correct Speech is mandated.

Enough of BS. Marxists, be it American Marxists or Chinese Marxists, are after the “monopoly of power” that comes as the job description of their priesthood, while they themselves enjoy getting paid handsomely. Disgusting pigs.

… do you even know what “Marxism” is?

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It’s never been a free speech case, there is no protected speech using business platforms. Free speech only applies to gov’t institutions, in terms of them being the only ones who can’t turn the tap off.

It’s been a ‘free speech’ argument by some, and a poor one at that.

It would be ideal if social media could be moderated effectively, rather than banning users entirely. But that isn’t feasible. So in order to prevent misinformation and incitement that can hurt democracy, deplatforming is a necessary safety valve.

The argument is that banning accounts will just take people into other places where they become more hardened.

Which is for law enforcement to handle if they become hardened in an extreme way. Otherwise I’m fine with the concept of letting lunatics run wild in their private basement. As long as they’re not hurting anyone else.

Not being able to moderate effectively and letting them propagate, we’ve already seen the insurrectionist evidence that it’s not a good idea.

So legally and factually, the whiners have zero legs to stand on. It’s a bunch of nonsensical whining to me.

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More well-versed in Marxist doctrines than the BLM cult.

So in other words, “no.”

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This kind of thing is why Trump lost the election. The more you keep up the rhetoric calling everyone that doesn’t buy into the kool aid fest you push ‘marxists, leftists, Chinese’ etc, the more you lose elections.

Do you want political relevance ever again? I’d give up this line of reasoning fast.

As someone that supports Biden, I thank you and people like you for continuing to push this drivel. It turned a slam dunk election Trump should have won easily into a Biden win.

To reiterate: This is why Trump lost. So I hope you keep it up, its dragging the GOP down with you.

Gong xi!