Peak MAGA thread

Stable genius time! :sweat_smile:

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I don’t get it. So are you implying they are a joke or a threat?

I don’t need to imply anything, the board says it all. :crazy_face:

You may not need to , but you do. Why not just clarify what YOU mean. I don’t care one bit about these guys or their board. You seem to think it worthy of the heralded MAGA thread, so which is it?

I guess I implied they’re nuts by sarcastically mentioning stable geniuses, not the stuff you said though.

Sure, Flynn and Pillow guy are classic MAGA characters. It’s definitely worthy, and hilarious.


See how that’s done? Give it a go once in a while and your faithful readers won’t have to speculate about whether or not you are taking the piss.

Why are you so angry though? Why does something so simple and clear always require a 4 post exchange? Clearly I think it’s funny, I think a lot of other people will think it’s funny too. Yep, that’s why I put it there. :peace_symbol:

this is a left/liberal thread for pointing out the various follies of the wingnut set.

Dude, stop the gaslighting. I am not at all “angry.”

OK. Who knows when you are laughing and when you are serious? You. Hence the need for clarification.

That is also fine, and I’ll just lower your peg on the respect and authority board accordingly. :sweat_smile:

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Another classic MAGA grift product:

Matthew Hickey, co-founder of the cybersecurity firm Hacker House, told the Daily Dot that the Freedom Phone appears to be nothing more than a rebranded Umidigi A9 Pro—a Chinese smartphone that costs as little as $119 on AliExpress.

“This device is a drop-shipped customizable Android-based phone,” Hickey said. “They can be bought and shipped in bulk from Asia with custom logos and branding so as to give the appearance of a phone that has been designed for a unique purpose.”

make america grift again

Now THAT’s grift.

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MTG reveals once again she doesn’t understand rights (or anyrhing else)

While talking with reporters, Greene was asked if she had received a vaccination given the rise of the Delta variant of COVID-19, which is spreading significantly more quickly than earlier mutations of the virus.

Greene immediately reacted with indignation.

“Your first question is a violation of my HIPPA rights,” she replied. “See, with HIPPA rights, adults don’t have to reveal our medical records, and that also involves her vaccine records.”
Simply asking a question about someone’s vaccination status is not a violation of HIPPA, as there is no attempt to coerce them into revealing that information against their will.

It’s the old Sarah Palin standard- questioning anything I say is a violation of my tights.

This sounds a bit sexist…

The House voted overwhelmingly on Thursday to expand a visa program for Afghans who are facing retribution for helping American troops and diplomats during the 20-year war in Afghanistan, moving to allow more of them to immigrate to the United States quickly as the Biden administration races to evacuate them.

With Afghans who helped the U.S. personnel now facing threats from the Taliban as American troops withdraw, a broad bipartisan coalition in Congress — led by military veterans who have worked alongside interpreters or fixers in combat zones themselves — has raced to give the administration wider latitude to airlift them to safety.

The vote was overwhelmingly in favor of assisting these interpreters who had out their lives at risk to aid American soldiers: 407-16.
The sixteen who voted to abandon these allies were all right-wing Republicans, including some familiar names: Lauren Boebert, Mo Brooks, Paul Gosar, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jody Hice. Thomas Massie- generally the rancid cream of the Republican Right.
I wonder what their objections to the Afghan interpreters could possibly have been? Their religion? Certainly not their color, as we have been repeatedly assured the Republican Right is not racist- even when they are waving the Dixie flag when occupying the Capitol.

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Are Afghans known for their wokeness? That must be it.

Maybe that’s not the reason? IDK myself, but I prefer not speculating. Sometimes disagreement can be over wording or funding or some other such thing. However, I give you that they are the bell end of the GOP and should be largely ignored.

Quite the thing to get caught up on when lives of people who did a great service to the US are literally on the line. Have any of them offered explanations for their no vote?

I suppose they might have. I don’t follow the more insignificant news pellets.

Same here. It’s just the party that built a brand over identifying people who ‘hate the troops’
seems to go silent on that when it suits them.

This is even worse actually, these people wanted to help the US in a country where they knew they could be murdered if the US left.

It’s important to note that they’re not saying why they voted no, and other Republicans are not questioning it. They should be working to get this poison out of the party, but I think we all know why they’re tolerated.

Do we? Let’s not assume we’re all on the same page as the one we’re on. I’d say, they’re there and tolerated, and put out front to grab headlines due to their opposite side bell end counterparts on the left.