Personal experiences in the testing/reporting/quarantine process

People are literally the worst


My COVID-19 care package arrived today … on the last day of my quarantine.

I get two packs of noodles, a box of those black tea drinks, two bags of crackers, a testing kit and some red beans. Least I’ve got some freebies.


For your efforts, you should be given free youbike use—for life!


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Not totally which thread to reply to, but our family tested positive with PCR, which we were grateful for.

However, we’ve gotten surveys to fill out via text message that are code specific. You enter the last six digits of your health card and do a captcha and then enter a lot of info. I was able to do it for my son, but some questions were tough (for instance, I think I was supposed to list us all as cohabitation contacts, which would mean entering the same info over and over again in Chinese). I think I also inadvertently entered my birthdate for his.

Anyway, for the other forms I couldn’t get in at all. Has anyone else done this? Do we have to do this? The form is Chinese only and pretty technical. Grateful for any advice.


F&ck. Given there are some 800,000 plus foreigners here, you’d hope they would have given this some thought.



I never got given that lol.

I got a phone call occasionally, where I had to press 1 if I felt fine. And an app to list my daily conditions which I completely forgot about until now.

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I think you were the “old” system, where they were tracking everyone 1 by 1.

I talked to another foreigner who couldn’t get the system to take her ARC last 6 digits either and gave up, so I think maybe they are using it to encourage social tracing and get demographic info, rather than for tracking?

I will say that the downside for us doing PCR is that school is now saying they have to go based on PCR test, not when we first reported, so kids will be home basically an extra week. If anyone conveniently has an official source that would contradict this, we’d be super grateful :slight_smile:

Should be their new motto. Youbike - Positively your only way home.


Some 75-90% of them are migrant workers

Who will be scooped up anyways?

Still this “system” looks hastily thrown together, almost shambolic compared to early days.


More updates here. Even if you couldn’t get a PCR for several days, we’re hearing they only start counting isolation from the beginning of the PCR. Super annoying, as it adds several days for each of us. Apparently, in Taipei City kids can’t go to school during self-management, but adults can go to work, but then it also sounds like in New Taipei City maybe kids can go to school during self-management.

yeah, its from the date of the PCR test.

The rules of the “self-management” are confusing as fuck. I see some places say during that period I can’t go to restaurants or crowded places. Yet, I’m allowed to go to work and on the MRT. But then I see some places where it seems that rules only applies to people doing the close-contact quarantine and not people who had covid.

It’s shambolic.

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So, Quarantine now done, allowed out, just Self Management now?

yeah, I’m allowed out again.

Already miss WFH … I’ve been in barely 2 hours and already people are annoying me.


Good so it sounds like they are so disorganized now that even if you are positive you can be out and about? Finally, they will join the rest of the world and give up.

The Ghost has already served his time.


Somewhere in south Taiwan.
I got Covid. My son has fever. Me daugther has fever. He tested positive in the antigen test he did at home yesterday.
This morning I bring them to the PCR station in our neighbourhood. It’s not a clinic. It’s a parking lot with some prefabricated modules. There are two lines for the administrative work i.e. provide your personal information, and then two more lines for the antigen test or PCR. Those who bring a positive antigen test, do the PCR test directly. The others first have to do the antigen test, if positive then the PCR. Probably you all already know all this.

Immediately after providing the information they call us to do the test. Maybe because they are kids they don’t have to wait on queue. Anyway at that moment there were few people waiting. Maybe 20 in total. All the teste are done super fast.
Me daughter is lucky and gets the man who I think is the only person with some kind of medical training to do the test. She resists a little bit and then the woman in white protection clothes screams to her saying that other people are waiting, she tries to grab my daugther and force her to not move. I push her back and begin to talk very loud in English asking what the fuck are you doing? The doctor inside says to her to let us in peace. He can handle that. I say “don’t move, it wil be fast, you’ve done it before”. The second try is valid.

As I have seen doctors do PCRs to my kids before (sadly many times) I can say this one was brutal. No chair to sit, just standing on the parking lot and the doctor touching her brain with the stick.

Because they guided my son to the second test’s place, just few meters away, while I was with my daughter, I couldn’t calm him down or help.
I hear someone screaming to my son just after my daughter is done with the test. We walk those few steps and I see my son is having trouble not to move. Again, standing in the parking lot but this time a woman in plain clothes inside is the one doing the tests. And two, so one of them told me later, unpaid volunteers, around my son. One is a young woman with a lot of make-up. She is wearing the full white protection clothes. She begins to scream to my son, saying like the previous one, there are people waiting, but she is hysterical. I can’t believe. She is extremely disrespectful. Why is she working there? My son tries again, but moves the head sideways. Not deep enough, not valid. She keeps shouting to my kid and say to us we should go to the hospital. It wasn’t even 2 minutes that my son arrived to make the PCR. She says again we should leave. I have to concentrate a lot to not punch her in her mouth. I begin to scream to her in chinese, that she is extremly unpolite, that’s not the way to treat people, why she is screaming, we are sick and coming to do the PCR. She keeps screaming to us what is our problem, a lot of people are waiting, the other volunteer also talking to me. No idea what he says I can only hear the woman. Again, we were there less than 2 minutes. Two queues each with 10 people maybe. I walk one stop towards her, kick the stool near us, which flies away. Turn around and say to my kids, let’s go to the hospital. Then the doctor who just have done the PCR to my daughter shouts to us and to the male volunteer that there is another way, he asks us to stay. The male volunteer maybe notices that they have been treating us wrong and he calms down and explains to me that the doctor says my son can do the PCR by spitting, coughing out in a tube.
He guides us to the back part of the module and the doctor opens the door and gives me the tube. He is a man in his early 50s. I really appreciate his understanding and his humanity. His willingness to help.
After my son is done with that. We sit down in the parking lot facing the test module and wait for my daugthers rapid test result. Few minutes afterwards the male volunteer approaches us and shows me the result. Positive. She has to do the PCR. I ask him to do the spitting procedure. He go ask the doctor and he agrees.
Very calmly I say to the male volunteer, look I bring my two sick kids here to do the test, you can’t talk to us like that (he screamed to us too), we weren’t delaying anything, I waited over three hours to do my PCR yesterday at the hospital. He says to me, I am right, but they are very tired. I say, that woman shouldn’t work here, she is extremly unpolite. He says nothing about that, I say, if I get nervous is not the same as if any of you get nervous, because you are professionals, this is your job, you can’t lose control like that and begin to scream to kids. He is sorry, then he say that’s actually not his job and he gets no money. We are talking chinese all the time, sometimes at the same time, so maybe the part about the money I got it wrong? He tells me I come just today but he is already working there three weeks. I understand but that’s no excuse to scream to my kids like that. He agrees. Then he guide us again to the administrative module where he ask for a PCR test, and then back to the test module. Spitting test again. Done and back home.
I am at home now. I think I should have go talk with the hysterical girl again before coming back home, ask for her identification or something. But both kids with fever…

I don’t let anyone walk over me. I am always polite and respectful and expect the same from others. I hope everyone defends himself too. We can’t allow people to disrespect us. Whatever the circumstance.


Fuck that. If my daughter has a fever I’m not even giving her a rapid test. If she gets too uncomfortable she can go see the doctor for the normal round of useless medicine


I don’t know if it changed recently, but a few months ago I was sick, probably the flu as the rapid test was negative, but I had a fever. Because of that, the local clinics wouldn’t allow me to go there. They said the only place I could go was the ER.

My son was sent back home because his comrade was + then after 3 days home he became + on 4th day and he looks high and low to get PCR test schedule. The guy said do not take any public transpo nor ubike, so he need to go on foot. He came back home and got meds and all not covid meds only ordinary meds.

I was wondering what if i’m + I can’t walk that long walks, what if my niece got that + how are we going to march on that place?

Days goes by and I’m quite worried - so I keep testing myself if + as I’m coughing and got headache with scratchy throat.

Now, we are on 7th day and negative, at home we all wearing face mask.

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