Pokemon Go gameplay


yup, same one. he gave up though.


Oh, guess he eventually stopped like he said he would lols


L25, hitting a wall though.


I got to level 25 on my second account in less than a week…pretty sure i played it less than 15 hours. Don’t know what you are doing but there is no wall at 25

In other news, new migration


Probably just means he’s losing motivation to play.


Oh, thought he meant like the wall is too high/ the exp needed is too much


Losing motivation to play because required exp is too high?

I know that once I got level 24 and played around 2 hours daily for a week, resulted in being 75% of the way to level 25.

Starting to get unmotivated now. Still haven’t been in the right place at the right time for that Snorlax. I still have one more 10k egg I have to hatch. I hope it’s a lucky one.


Ran- are you one of those people willing to use trackers or totally against it? I catch at least 4 snorlaxes a week…i caught 2 yesterday.

As for playing 2 hours a week and only being 75% of the way there means u are playing wrong and not efficiently.

Math time sitting at 4 lures

4 pokemon every 3 minutes.
3 pokemon every 15 minutes for free spawn points
= 80 pokemon every hour for lured
And 12 pokemon every hour for free
= 92 pokemon

92 pokemon x 160 exp cause most people can curve great balls is

14720 exp an hour. Do that 10 hours and you got the required 150k for 24 to 25

Thats not even counting the lucky egg pidgey party that u can do most likely every 3 hours…

So theoretically you only need 3 hours of catching and 30 min of evolving w lucky egg to reach 25.


I don’t use a tracker because the phone is old and takes a good 30 seconds to swap from tracker to PokeGo. Only time a tracker is in use is if I’m playing with the gf. Unfortunately, I don’t have an extra device to share internet so I can duel screen :frowning:

I’m in no hurry, it’ll happen when it happens. Plus, it will be 10000x more satisfying when I catch that Snorlax without radar…kind of like when I caught my Tauros in the states without radar.

Is their really a right and wrong way to play this game? As long as you’re enjoying it, right? Btw, 2 hours a day, not 2 hours a week ;).

I’m mostly moving around during the two hours. I use the game to get some walking in when weather is too shitty to cycle and also during my lunch breaks, so I normally do not sit in one place for longer than a min or two.


Suggestion: watch radar on computer when at home. When u see it within biking/running/motorcycle distance, open up pokemongo and run. This is how i do it.

There is a wrong way to play if people wnd up complaining about walls and too much exp required. You can play anyway you want but then you dont have the right to complain about how hard it is if you are not willing to play the most efficient way. Saying you are playing 2 hours a day and not lvling fast cause you are walking and catching a pidgey or two when walking is not the same aa me dedicating time to go sit in a 4 lure and catching mindlessly for 3 hours. Your 14 hours a week w pogo open and my 3hours of pogo open are not the same.


Members like Firehopper50 is killing this forum.


Why? I explained to you how to efficently play and not to just open up the app and catch 10 pidgeys in an hour and then complain about how the grind was too real


Oh where oh where do you see in my post that I’m complaining. You got…


I’m nearly just sharing the current state of my game and offering it up for discussion.

Consider not going on the offensive whenever someone doesn’t offer something useful to the table, maybe you’ll get some info out of them instead of getting the thread riled up in nonsense…again.


Nah, you didnt complain at all. It was a general statement cause i see a lot of people who walk and catch a pidgey an hour and consider that an hour of playing. just wanted to emphasize that there is no wall at lvl 25. You(not you you ranlee) however can lose motivation.


Who else waiting for 12/12 announcement


is there Christmas snorlax as well?


Please no free pokemon. Just do like exp or stardust or egg or something like that


An annoucnement is prolly gonna be announced tonight


Gen2 pokemons are online.

Still playing, kind of…


For those, including me, who still wishes to catch a Lapras, they are making Lapras more available in honor of World Water Day.