Pokemon Go gameplay


This increased spawn of dragonites and snorlax is lame. Now everyone has one.


I thought everyone has one because now everyone uses Go Radar. It’s not like I can seeing a Dragonite a day at work or something.

Still no Lapras though, they spawn way past my bed time…


Work area and home are rare Pokemon dead zones. I wish I could be complaining about too many Dragonite spawns.

Where and when do the Lapras spawn @hansioux ?


At least one Lapras seems to spawn at popular harbor locations after 12 AM.

For Hsinchu it’s Nanliao harbor, for Jiayi it’s Dongshi harbor, so I’d imagine for Taipei it’d be Tamsui and Fisherman’s Wharf.

However, that’s a ridiculous time to be at those locations.


My work area and home area are dragonite dead zones too. Just go to tienmu or xinbeitou on a sat or sun. Sit there for 14 hours and i can guarantee you a dragonite…


Well, there goes my hopes for a Lapras. Only hope is to hatch one via 10km egg…whenever I get another one.


It’s true…Nanliao Wharf in Hsinchu is the new Beitou?


Beitou has nothing on Nanliao… Pokemon Go wise. Beitou is covered a lot because it’s in Taipei, the MRT goes right up to it, and you get swarms of Skydragonites hanging in a small crowded park, blocking tiny streets that the locals use.

Nanliao on the other hand is a nest for EVERYTHING. I mean EVERYTHING. You get a least one Lapras a day. Several pikachus a day. Dratinis are everywhere, so who cares about Dragonites, if you have all day, you can literally get a Dragonite on you own.

Since it’s by the ocean, water type pokemons are understandably everywhere. You get Seel and Dewgong, which I have never seen elsewhere, Shellder and Cloyster I also have never seen anywhere else.

Electric type pokemons are aplenty for reasons beyond my comprehension. Pikachus every 30 minutes, Voltorb, Electrode, Magnemite and Magneton all over the place.

Oh, and it has a bunch of ponyta, rapidash, magmar, growlithe and arcanine roaming around.

The best part is the place is huge. Between the harbor area, and the old harbor area which is just a lake at this point, it’s a lot of space to run around with no local residents to get mad at you.

The downside is if you go on the weekends, the crowd looks like fifth season finale of the walking dead, when Aaron and Daryl were trapped in the semi-truck lot.


You seem to speak from experience… What’s the convenience store situation there? Is spending an entire day there possible without running into situations like

Hopefully, this Saturday’s make up day will keep most in school and in the office. Making plans to “visit” a friend in Hsin Chu as I type this response.


i just looked at ranlees radar picture and then took a look at my goradar picture of the same place. Place is shit except for that 1 lapras a day you speak of. Everything you named i can get in taipei and i already have growlithes, arcanines, ponyta, rapidash, seel, shellder, pikachu, voltorn, magnemite. Dont have dewgong or cloister yet though. People go to beitou for either dratinis or magikarps to become gyarados’ no other reason. The only reason to go to hsinchu is wait for that 1 lapras a day. Everything else is gettable easily in taipei.


So radar maps look exactly the same all day long, right? Or do you have some sick hack that you can travel into the future and see what the radar looks like at 11:52PM tonight?


Ill go take a acreenshot for u at 11:52pm if u want and post it here today.


Always some kind of competition with you huh?

If it means that much to you, go ahead.


No convenient store near the hot zone.

If you do make it a day trip, there are two restaurants near the old harbor area (the lake).

One is called Village Cafe (村落餐廳)

It’s a place to get Tapas and Paella, and it’s pretty nice to be at before the Pokemon craziness. I haven’t been in the restaurant since Pokemon Go went online. If the ambiance is anything like before, it’s pretty enjoyable.

The other is called Old Fish Bay (老漁港新海鮮餐廳), also known as American styled bucket seafood.

You’d get a bucket of seafood. I’ve never been to it, but I’ve heard it’s not bad.

You can probably rest for a good 2 hours in one of those places and still manage to catch decent pokemons.


Pokemon Go is really the top topic on Forumosa?


Not trying to compete, im a hardcore gamer so whatever game i play i know. Not like that friend of someones whos level 30 or 31 and considers himself a hardcore after it being out in the US for 2months +

I have the most up to date information as im browsing pokemongo forums, silphroad, and on radar 24/7. I know exactly what beitou, tienmu, 101, look like first hand and i look at hsinchu at around 1030pm every night to see if its worth going. Unless u’ve taken a taxi and tipped him extra to get there in under 5 min or travel abroad solely to get the exclusives you’re not hardcore.


That’s quite confusing and condescending statement you got there.


its not a competition as i have no opponent…there is no competing person or team that i can visibily see or beat.

Its condesending how? I admit i have no life and i watch radar basically 24/7 and i read silphroad and pogo forums all day. I have radar on my ipad, silphroad on my laptop and pokemon go open on my phone.

Not trying to compete. Just saying that the hardcore people like the lvl 30 guy from the states aren’t hardcore at all.


right now, at least one lapras per day


Yep only reason to make a trip to hsinchu