Pokemon Go gameplay


he keeps saying he’ll stop but everyday he shows up to work with a new dragonite or snorlax. He now has 5 dragonite with CP over 3000.


Wow…i am impressed. Ever since radar shut down my snorlax and draginite count has stayed the same


Where abouts in Beitou for the Pokemon go stampede feels?


Beitou Park aka Beitou Hotspring Park

Take the MRT to Xin Beitou Station and walk straight out of the station exit. You really can’t miss it.


Thanks mate. Will definitely check it out.

Fingers crossed the scanners come back online soon.


This Mazu temple is hard at work…


What is this


It’s a Mazu temple at Wugu keeping track of all the times a Lapras showed up this month. The white board even included IV values of each Lapras.


They seem to have some extra time to spare.

Someone’s phone must be pretty worn out from having the game on at all times of the day OR Lapras is spawning there and people have been running!


Haha cool. Ive been seeing lotsa lapras spawns in taipei recently…real or no u think?


even though we don’t have droves of people outside playing the game, some remains devoted… maybe a bit too devoted…


Lols is this real?

Btw u didnt update to newest goradar yet


haha that picture for snorlax is hilarious. Geez


Wasn’t Nanliao Harbor blocked off for renovation?

Very odd that Snorlax would appear on the water though, before the migration, Snorlax appeared in the city, Dragonite in the mountains and Lapras near harbors.

I guess that changed now :smile:


For those still playing, there’s a Halloween special going on. Ghost type pokemons are everywhere. It’s like someone hacked poke radar, but that someone is Niantics.

Also, the buddy reward distance is cut by 6 or 4 times. So if you are walking a pokemon that gives you a candy after 3KM, now you get one after 0.5KM. So do 5KM and you get 10 candies.

Candy reward from catching a pokemon is also doubled.


Double candies week!

No time to turn on the game this morning, but I’m excited to go to lunch today. My route is normally less than 1km away from the office, but knowing I can grab at least 2 candies in that time. Win.

I still need a Gengar, Marowak and Hypno. This is my chance!



After a lunch break, it seems like these are the ONLY Pokemon available.

If that’s the case, I don’t see how this will attract people to come back for more than 1.5 days.


Wrong , walking a 3km pokemon now only takes .75 km, so if u were to walk it 5km then it would give u 6 candies not 10


Who cares if the casuals stop playing. They give us a bonus event and people still complain sheesh. Cant please everyone. Guarantee u dont have the gold ghost medal and a 95+ iv perfect moveset gengar…