Police Beating of Paul Clark (Part 1)

Just seen on the news - a foreigner (North American, I think judging from the accent) in a police station, face beaten, complaining about police brutality. Video footage (the police’s?) showed the foreigner with a video camera filming something. The cops were trying to stop him, but he kept on doing what he was doing. Cop waves hand in front of camera, foreigner gets fed up and whacks cop in the stomach (not too hard, but he definitely hits him). Three or four cops then go in and hand cuff him. No footage of him getting the cuts and bruises to his face, although we see foreigner in police station saying the beating is on the police video.

Anyone else see this?

You punch a cop you are asking for trouble… regardless of what happened prior to that… right or wrong I am not passing judgement.

Matter of luck. You can’t do much against an unprovoked police beating, but I wonder what the guy expected after smacking a cop. WOuld that go down well anywhere ?

My wife pointed out an article on Yahoo (in Chinese) to me when I was leaving to go to work this morning. It might be the same case.

The article said the guy claimed to be a Canadian English teacher. His surname is probably Clark. The police said that he entered the police station holding a video camera claiming to be a CNN reporter and that he was drunk.


I saw that. The guy got exactly what he was asking for. He was behaving very arrogantly, aggressively, and, I have to say, stupidly. You don’t go around punching policemen, especially when they haven’t so much as laid a finger on you, wherever you are in the world. In a lot of other countries, probably including his own, he’d be likely to get much worse than just a few scrapes and bruises on his face for doing such a thing.

Anyway, I suppose he has learned his lesson and rues his loutish behaviour, judging from the way he was blubbering when he realized the mess he’d got himself into. It certainly won’t be a loss to Taiwan if he’s deported, as he well deserves to be.

One of Aristotle’s friends?

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hmm…so this gets air time. did the hsinchu “bash” get any air time at all?

Of course not. Can’t save face when some of your homegrown thugs decide to start a brawl and there’s videotape to prove it. But they sure as hell jump all over this incident. Worthless Taiwanese media. :raspberry:

links please, I can’t find it.

LOL. The foreign chicken little of Taiwan and his cronies. :laughing:

Unless the cops are being abusive, I agree AWOL. I was watching the news a week or two ago and these cops were standing around and an old Taiwanese man was yelling in the face of the cops and he slapped one cop in the face twice, and the cops just ignored him. I don’t think they should have. I don’t care if he’s 70 years old, I think they should’ve cuffed him and taken in him in. I know I sound like my grandfather, but I think people must be taught that they cannot initiate physical violence against legal authorities.



He faught the Law, and the Law won
He faught the Law, and the Law won

The Yahoo report gives his name as 保羅克拉克, which I assume must be Paul Clark or something close. Anyone here know him or know of him and have any background information that might shed some light on why he acted as he did?

That was just the name I gave them. (I gave them sandman’s address!) And for the record, I gave as good as I got! :bluemad:

Sorry Omni, I think you misinterpreted 保羅克拉克…I believe it translates as dumbarse.

[quote=“Yahoo News Apparently”]“Defend Against Injustice”: Foreign Male Attacks Police Without Cause, Is Arrested

A Ph.D. in Taiwan to teach English, “baoluo kelake” [transliterated], as a result of defending the neighbor’s Filipina maid against injustice, was charged by the maid’s employer with “impairment of liberty” [??]. Kelake feels the police are covering up for the Taiwanese employer, and brought his own video camera to the police station to collect evidence against the cops. The result was that during the process, a conflict with the police occurred, and [kelake] waved his fists and struck a policeman. This Canadian English teacher kelake, calling himself a CNN reporter, brought a DV to the Taoyuan City Puzi Police Station in the evening, saying that he wished to collect evidence of police corruption. In a pulling-and-dragging tussle, Clark ended up with bruises on his right knee and both cheeks. He was handcuffed and felt that he was being humiliated. The school [translator’s note: WHAT school??] and the “minyi daibiao” [people’s will representative??] both hurried to the scene. Suddenly, people encircled kelake the school said [the Chinese is not clear here, they seem to have missed some punctuation??] kelake liked to help poor people. In 2003 he was awarded a prize by the Philippine government as the top fundraiser in Asia. No one could have predicted he would get involved in affairs that did not concern him, and take the side of an allegedly abused Filipina maid, breaking down the employer’s door. At the police station this afternoon, as neither he nor his wife could speak Chinese, he could not speak reasonably, and lost control after having imbibed. He struck a policeman and destroyed his own illustrious name.[/quote]
[Quick translation, but that’s pretty much what it said. Crappy article, BTW.]

Boy, oh boy! Those Canadians

Now would that be the same kelake as the person that posts under this name on this very forum. Be interesting if it is to see what he has to say for himself.