[Poll] How Long Will DJ Trump Stay in Office?



I suspect that China may well use Taiwan as a bargaining chip to facilitate a NK solution. I hope that John Bolton ( a bit of a Sabre rattler), who is very pro Taiwan independence, may well help mediate any rash policy to appease China. So I genuinely hope this is the furthest we have come in 20 years of “talks”.


This is still the problem: everyone thinks X; those who think Y are not real people.

That will never happen, but it doesn’t need to. What was Nixon’s rating when he pre-emptively resigned?

“It proves he’s a real person – a politician would never do that!” :rainbow: :wall:


Someone here half understands Bayesian probability. Good.

Now about the other half… people were just as stupid before that election, but they weren’t always voting for an annoying orange. You can’t use constants to explain variables.


Jimmy Carter sold out Taiwan on December 15, 1978.


I was wrong. Said April. Could still be right on the “less then two years” choice, though. :pouting_man:


It still might be a good idea to mentally prepare yourself for two terms. :wink:


Because Trump is a fascist and he’s ignoring the democratic process of the country, right? LITRLLY NO OTHER POSSIBLE EXPLANATION

  1. Homophobic
  2. Misogynistic
  3. White supremacist
  4. Racist
  5. Russian puppet
  6. Bad heart from junk food
  7. Nativist
  8. Conflicts of interest
  9. High crimes and misdemeanors
  10. Orange skin

Did I leave anything out?


You forgot the extra scoop of ice cream and the well cooked steak.


I think those two fall under “high crimes and misdemeanors.”


Theres always MSM News articles about his bad hair and golfing every 5 mins


I guess he can’t even remodel the Kitchen without Negative MSM headlines.


He’s stupid, even though he won office by spending about US$1.99 while beating 16 Republicans and then the Clinton-DNC machine.

They love that one - as long as they can watch through fingers over their eyes (like a Democrat horror movie). No fingers (i.e., they are forced to think about it) they seem much less interested, though.


This again? :roll_eyes:

Next we’ll be hearing how the “small loan from my father” was just a nickel. :unicorn:


US$1.99 is (obviously) an exaggeration.

Trump spent less than half of Clinton’s spending in the general election. His primary victory was largely self-funded.

He accomplished that by leveraging Twitter to dominate news coverage - at no cost to his campaign. Trump led the news coverage, often at zero $ expense.

Clinton either could not or would not adapt to digital communication. Her tech savvy was limited to moving her official State Department communications to a private, personally owned server. She wasn’t willing to risk using Twitter, but she had no ethical qualms about deleting more than 30,000 emails from that server.

So yeah, that again.


Did you just assume people would understand you were exaggerating?
Did you also assume people would know how much of an exaggeration that was?
Didn’t you think of the possible consequences? What if I opened a fashion blog and used your numbers as data because I considered you a reliable source of information?

You should apologize.


She, or likely one of her minions was using it, just not very well.




I have full confidence that your fashion blog will overcome your perhaps niggardly ways.


not sure if racist…mainly because I’ve never heard that before…I may google it, but that requires some effort on my part…

Must consider…