[Poll] How Long Will DJ Trump Stay in Office?



@bojack is riffing on this famous incident:



So bojack should resign…got it!

I wasn’t aware of that, looks like the quality of memes in 1999 left something to be desired.
Did anyone ever get butthurt about the word Niagara? I mean, it sound a bit like…it shares some letters with…


No. It’s an Indian name, and ethnic minorities can’t, by definition, be racist. Duh…




In Covfefism, there is no clear distinction between exaggeration and delusion.

That observation costs only :2cents:, not the ~$100m that we’re supposed to think is “small” (just like the “small loan” that started his career) because Hillary spent more. :roll_eyes:


Wait for this individual to be dragged into the light.

Your chasing chump change from an ambulance chaser.







You have a weird idea of “chump change”.

Avenatti has Cohen by the short and curlies and the always-Trumpers still have their heads buried firmly in the sand, it seems. The nicknames on the conservative sites and the cries of “ambulance chaser” really hit this home for me. When you can’t attack the strength of the evidence (very real and publicly available evidence), they go for the character. In this case, there really isn’t much to go after except a few failed business deals and a bullshit bar complaint.

As for Halper… we’ll see. They’re still just guessing at his connection, and the guy who ‘broke’ the story is a “pizza-gate” and “false-flag” conspiracy theorist of the highest order. Not exactly reassuring.


I was calling Cohen the ambulance chaser. Not Avenatti. Everything is relative. The person I was comparing him to Stefan Halper opened and owns at least 4 banks. So, yes in my mind 125k to Stormy Daniels is chump change by comparison, or even the 100’s of millions flowing into the Clinton Foundation (perhaps billions), several orders of magnitude difference.

I will admit it’s an exaggeration to call what Cohen was receiving chump change.

Not really, We know he invited and paid for a trip to London for Papadopoulos, and we know he interacted with Carter Page and others on the Trump team, the only thing being guessed is he was working for the FBI to dirty up some useful idiots. The guess that is being made is he is the name that the DOJ/FBI are refusing to declassify, because it is endangers national security, or so they say. But due to their own leaking, there aint a whole lot of names that can fit the bill.


(Just for the record, I didn’t vote for Donald Trump.)

I first read about that matter a few days ago in a Wall Street Journal piece (I hope the link below will allow you to read the whole article):

The writer of that article, Kimberley Strassel, didn’t name any names.

As for who broke the story, it appears that Glenn Simpson testified about that matter last year, again except for the naming:

Diane Feinstein transcript, page 175

Now, in January of this year, there was a reported correction of that particular testimony, made through an NBC reporter:

Ken Dilanian tweet, January 9

But apparently later that same month, Joshua Levy of Cunningham Levy Muse LLP wrote the following to Charles Grassley:

However this turns out, and regardless of names, it doesn’t look like tinfoil-hat stuff to me.





None of that looks like it mentions Halpel though. That’s the specific point that was “broken” by the conspiracy theorist. It’s all just guess work when there are actual crimes with actual millions of dollars being uncovered by Trump’s personal lawyer (rather than vague innuendo that someone may or may not currently own a bank).

The rest of the story could turn out to be true, but I also think they’d be crazy not to have been investigating people in Trump’s orbit considering the shit that they’ve been up to, rather brazenly in a lot of cases.

And since we’re doing dumb memes again.





My my how the narrative has changed, now it’s “ok” that the Trump team were spied on, now the facts are coming out and it can’t be denied.

Not a conspiracy theory anymore? At least it’s a step in the right direction I suppose.


Calm down, “could turn out to be true” is pretty non-committal on my part. I don’t find it implausible that Trump had someone in his circle that told the FBI about his treason. Sorry, “alleged treason.” I don’t find it implausible that the FBI needed an insider to feed them information on Trump’s treason. Sorry, “alleged treason.” There’s nothing wrong with having CIs in most cases, particularly those that involve alleged treason. Sorry, “Treason.”

Think of it this way. Michael Cohen has solicited millions from corporations, Russian-linked businesses, and Qatari investment firms (though he was unsuccessful with that last one, it seems). When he was originally raided, people called foul not knowing the details. Particularly the conspiracy theorists, because they think they know better than everybody. But knowing what we know now, it makes absolute sense they’d take the actions they did.

Anyway, there’s a Hillary Card you can use in my post above, if you need help.


Ive heard the word “alleged” over 10,000 this past year…its getting old…, Why didn’t the same media go after Bush/Cheney nonstop? There was a real war criminal but they seemed to all support them including CNN which made its bread and butter on the Iraq Invasion, but hey McCain and Clinton all supported it too. Anyways as long as CNN, MsNBC says something is alleged 100 times a day and no proof its true for most people.


I don’t really know what I’m talking about because I’m not following the saga of Billy Bob vs the Swamp Creatures very closely but mainstream mouthpieces are always trumpeting about all the commie moles Mueller has under indictment. When you look under the hood though things aren’t quite that straightforward. One guy, for example, was apparently indicted for a bank overdraft and misuse of a construction loan. Given that just about everything in the U.S. is illegal one way or another if the government wants you in jail Mueller’s haul so far isn’t really that impressive.


Everyday I hear another allegation…and nothing else… its just a smear campaign against Trump no proof necessary all his followers of racist, white, ignorant, imbreds, hate immigrants hes an orange clown yada yada yada…

Too bad I’m an Immigrant and Liberal and from CA and know California Hispanic, Black and Asians who are Conservative and Liberal who support Trump. We are from ALL income classes. I gaurantee the MSM media will never show us as it doesn’t fit the narrative of all Trump supportors being uneducated, White, KKK, anti Immigrant Nazis lol. If you see that on repetition 24/7 thats what you believe.