President Vegetable and Korean Fish dolls featured behind Canadian YouTuber

I very occasionally watch J.J. McCullough’s videos. If YouTube recommends me one of his videos, usually on pop culture of politics from a Canadian perspective, I might click and watch.

After about 5 minutes into explaining what makes American culture American, a Korean Fish doll popped up from behind his back.


I mean it couldn’t possibly be anything else right?


Yes. I sent that.

Tsai doll nearby.

Merch featured here


That’s like from a totally different video XD

Wow, really funny how he randomly has these around.

I was trying to see if he talked about Taiwan to warrant him having Koeran Fish and Tsai merch behind him. I couldn’t find any, but I saw this video.

That one is older. The oldest video with my Tsai/Han dolls is this one: (23 Feb 2020)

That comes from the Democracy Traditions video where the dolls and other merch was featured. 50000 more people now know Taiwanese Democracy. I am considering other projects to feature/incorporate Taiwan in YouTube channels to increase mindshare, coolness in the face of Chinese pressure to call this country a Province of China with the companies and the airlines and those with a direct financial stake in China.


New video up. More flags talked about. More Tsai peeking out from behind him.

I also comment there. If you see me, like my comments!

There is a side note I want to mention. He got two Hans from me. One mini Han and one big Han. The big Han was intentionally the Superman Han one cause it looks ridiculous. If he’s gonna feature it, the smaller Han, as the cutsie shit appeals to Taiwanese, will be chosen as Westerners tend to prefer the straight up look. This means the Tsai doll is far more prominent due to its size.

All intentional.

New Video!

Tsai’s lounging and Han’s taking a nap.


New Video at new angle! With extra surprise! The Taiwan Flag! Can you find it?

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I agree with most things he says about Falungung, ever since his first video on Shenyun. Still, I am hesitant to openly criticize them, especially not since they are at least funding anti-CCP news media.