Pumpkin Pie

I’m craving it. I know my family is eating it right now and it is may absolute favorite part of Thanksgiving. Since I don’t have an over, I can’t make it and it seems like most bakeries here don’t make pies. Is there anywhere that makes real pies? I haven’t had a birthday yet without pumpkin pie and I’m really going to miss it this year if I can’t find any.

Even just a slice with whipped creme on it and I’d be happy (although an entire pie would be better).

Please, if anyone knows where I can get one, I will go.

They’ve got Pumpkin Pie at Starbucks and it’s seriously not good at all.

I love Pumpkin Pie. Always was a sucker for it…even the cheap supermarket kind. Damn good stuff.

I also miss Carrot Cake,but that’s besides the issue.

I know they sometimes have Pumpkin Pie at US restaurants like Friday’s (for a limited time), but for some reason, it tastes more like Pumpkin Paste.

Good Luck.

Anyone have good places for Pumpkin Pie, please POST.

Culture shock and homesickness sucks that first year. Don’t worry, you’ll find Taiwanese alternatives for what you crave.

They even have pumpkin tarts at Starbucks sometimes, although they don’t usually get them until around American Thanksgiving Day. I don’t recommend them, though.

I highly recommend Mom’s Pies which has a shop somewhere (I’ve seen it, but I can’t remember where) and they sell pies on the corner in a few places around town. I had the flyer for them, but I’ve lost it. I know they sell pies on Thursday evenings outside the Matsusei near Xinsheng and Xinyi intersection (near the southwest corner). They sell them near Anhe and Xinyi on Thursday afternoons or at least they used to when I worked near there two years ago, not sure about now. They make amazing pies and cheesecakes and you can buy them on the corner by the slice or by the pie (if they have it, although the whole pies tend to sell out quick because they are so popular). You can also order from the store (I will try to find that paper!).

You could also ask someone who has an ACC membership. Their pies and Thanksgiving selection are pretty good, although it’s a little too “Yankee” for the taste I developed after 21 years of my family’s more Southern potluck fare (definitely no collard greens or candied yams). Again, I think you have to might have to wait until the American holiday, although I don’t know since I don’t really think about Thanksgiving until after I’ve polished off the Halloween candy.

And if push comes to shove, you can try your luck making pie from scratch. Most big Wellcomes nowadays carry American ingredients and there’s also Jason’s for anything you might need if your local one doesn’t carry it. I’ve been able to make yummy chocolate chip pumpkin muffins from ingredients from the grocery stores here, pre-Jason’s (including condensed milk, nutmeg, and pumpkin puree, the key ingredients for pie).

Good luck.

what’s thanksgiving? who do i have to thank, and why?


:secret: PUMPKIN PIES!!!^^^^^ :hungry:

Carrot cake that will ease your craving is always available at Grandma Nitty’s in ShiDa. Thick icing and really good cake. She did have pumpkin once last year, but it really wasn’t my style. More of a creamy pumpkin without much flavor.

I can’t wait till American thanksgiving. B-Day is four days away and Pumpkin Pie has been my birthday cake for over 30 years now. Anyone know if Costco has it? I remember a few years ago in Canada buying one of those big ass Pumpkin Pies at Costco and a huge vat of whipped cream. My friend and I ate the whole thing playing wrestling on the N64 then were sick for days. I’d give anything to be that sick again off Pumpkin Pie.

God… if someone has an oven I’d bake it there and share it with them. I used to be a baker and I make a killer Blueberry Banana Bread as well as the worlds’ greatest Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Last year COSTCO had pumpkin pie, it was large and very good.

The year before I bought one from the Howard Hotel, it was small and not so good.

The Diner might have it?
They have several homemade pies there.

Mom’s pies are great, had them some time ago, but I have no idea where the girl I was with at the time got them from :doh:
They had good pumpkin pie and their crusts are nice.
The one in starbucks :sick: it was outright nasty.
You can get cans of pumpkin in Jasons and a decent oven for under NT$2k, altough it’ll be no bigger than 27L.
And I have no idea where to get a pie dish from here, never seen one on sale.

diner pumpkin pie… not so great… some how it is kind of dry :frowning:

i’m hoping costco gets some pies for thanksgiving time… i miss pumpkin pie although my friend just checked the costco in neihu a few days ago and said no pies to be found

The Lost Swede wrote:

[quote]Mom’s pies are great, had them some time ago, but I have no idea where the girl I was with at the time got them from
They had good pumpkin pie and their crusts are nice.

Yep, Mom’s Pies are really nice. They usually come to our office once a month to sell their stuff, I’m a big fan. I’ll post their number later -when I find it- if anyone wants to order from them (they also got apple pie, pecan, coffee-chocolate, blueberry, etc…)

In the meantime, I know that they stop by MRT stations to sell their goods -they used to have a stand on Zhongshan-. On Thursdays, you can find them at TaPingLin station, exit 1.

For orders call: 0935-504554/0922091113 or 0922324060 FAX: 02-87973785
360 Nts for 9 inch pie, 8 slices.

I HAVE THE PUMPKIN PIE CONNECTION!!! (sorry for shouting)

Mom’s Pies: call 02-8797 3785

They have the following pies: red bean (I know, I know), taro, purple yam, oatmeal, PUMPKIN, pecan, dutch apple, and peach. I’ve only had the apple, peach, and pumpkin which if I didn’t recommend them, I wouldn’t have torn my house up looking for this flyer for you all. That’s how good it is.

Their cheesecakes are plain, blueberry, green tea, chocolate swirl, pineapple coconut, coffee, green bean (I know, I know), and raspberry. I have had the chocolate and the raspberry and I recommend them both.

I miss the pumpkin cheesecake that my mom used to make. I know how to make it, provided I were crazy enough to cook anything. I made it against my religion to do any kind of cooking outside of a shabu-shabu a few years ago. But I would love to have a slice of it right now along with a Thanksgiving sandwich - roast turkey, whole wheat bread dressing, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, corn pudding, and mashed candied yams covered with turkey gravy between two slices of freshly-made oversized buttered rolls - with a side of mashed potatoes salad, collard greens, baked macaroni and cheese, and deviled eggs. It’s loaded with carbs and fat, but dammit, that’s good eatin’.

I think we need a Thanksgiving thread…

My colleague just went to the Zhonghe Costco yesterday, and he said that he was one day too early for the pumpkin pies. The told him that Costco would start to sell the pumpkin pies today (Oct. 31). I don’t know when I’ll get a chance to go to Costco again to verify this, but I thought I’d let everybody know. If anybody does spot them, I’d be happy to have confirmation of this very important fact. :slight_smile:

Oh yummy! I cannot wait for the Costco pumpkin pies. I had one last year and it was as close to homemade as I could find. I was bumbed when I figured out that it was only a seasonal pie…Thanksgiving. Grandma Nitty’s is good but not the same as old fashioned pumpkin pie. So I’ve been waiting a year to get them again. I even bought the premade Libby’s pumpkin pie mix, but have not made a pie yet.

Just a quick followup. Costco is selling pumpkin pie now, at least in Zhonghe. It’s still the same price I believe: 299NT for a big-ass pie. :hungry:

The mother of one of our students just gave me one of Mom’s Pies - a variety box with 8 different kinds of pie inside. Tonight is going to be a DVD-watching, pie-eating night! I can’t wait to get home and get started! :lick:

I bought Libby’s pumpkin filler in a big can at the baking store mentioned in the WCIF thread. They also had unbaked pie crusts in aluminum tins. Check the can and get any other ingredients mentioned. It took me about 10 minutes to make the mix. In the meanwhile, the crusts were browning. Filled 4 of the suckers and baked 2 at a time in my toaster oven. Topped with some home made whipped cream. Cream from Costco. I whipped the cream with a wire wisk and added sugar to taste and a splash of vanilla. (Also from the baking store) Yum!

Pumpkin pie is one of the “must have” for Thanksgiving. It’s one of our tradition to have pumpkin pie every Thanksgiving.
There aren’t many American flavored pumpkin pies available in Taipei…
We had Costco’s pumpkin pie last year and it tasted great comparing to others from previous Thanksgivings.

I went to the Costco in Zhonghe during lunch today, and they now have the pumpkin pies. They said they’ve already had them for about a week, so maybe this is old news to many of you. What was surprising is I think the price is now lower than last year. I believe it was either $219 or $229, compared to $299 last year. I haven’t tasted it yet, but I intend to eat a lot this weekend.

Thanks for the update, scomargo.

I’ll be heading to the Costco in Neihu soon, in hopes that the same deal can be found there.