Puyuma train derailed in Yilan (21 October 2018)



Except that is not what you wrote at all. You made it seem like things like this would only happen here by making a case of generations and Asia (and bring Japan and Singapore into it when an even worse accident happened in Japan a decade ago) when they have nothing to do with anything, especially the former.

It was probably subconscious on your part, many Westerners do so when tragedies strike outside of the West, but it was pretty clear. Just ask yourself if you would say the same way had this happened in the West. Aka quoting the young vs old talk and corruption.

And about the fake news. I didn’t say you were spreading fake news. What I meant is the media nowadays could very well read into your words and publish a news article about corruption before any legal proceedings. And what would happen if that’s not the case? People wouldn’t forget what they have read.

That’s an even more incredible statement. Who’s brushing off incompetence by arguing that it happens elsewhere as well? I was merely pointing out the logical flaw in his post.
And desperate for friends? Are you serious? So now traffic safety is about making friends? It’s ok to have people die as long as you have these friends?

That’s utterly overreaching. If your first reaction to an accident involving public transportation (which is sadly too common in the world) is young people are particularly hopeless here before any definitive conclusion has been drawn, you’re really just making a case out of nothing.

Besides, in this day and age, in which country are the young hopeful?


It wasn’t my first reaction to an accident involving public transportation. It was my elaborating on a broader point that @SuiGeneris made about the younger generation’s standards barely exceeding the preceding generation’s.

This much I can agree with. But I think it’s even more dispiriting when you come from a small country that no one on the global stage seems to care about except as a bargaining chip with China.

My heart bleeds for Taiwan. A sense of powerlessness breeds an especially dark kind of sadness.


if these lines were not written, the impression of the post might be different.


Ultimately I think everyone’s well aware that accidents like this happen everywhere. But I get what SG was trying to say and I don’t think they were trying to go out of their way to make Asian countries seem worse in this regard than Western ones.


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  1. your post was 2) yes 3) graft, not traffic safety 4) if one wants to dislike someone one will look to their corruption.


Shit happens in every country. There are lazy mofos in every country. But why on Earth is wrong to say that Taiwan standards are usually bellow Western standards? how is that incorrect? ChabuDuo is the way to go for most of the technicians I’ve seen working here. I have had to ask them to give me the tools and do the job they were saying that “meio banfa” several times.


The problem here is not “Taiwan” and/or “the West”; the problem is with the TRA (i.e. Taiwan Railways Administration). There is ample evidence that it is a poorly run organization that has been involved in repeated corruption scandals since I have moved here. Perhaps the TRA has been reformed and transformed into something else—about this point, I simply don’t know. I am waiting for anyone to state that the TRA has improved its game. But sadly so far evidence of change remains elusive.



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Last week on Puyuma from Hualien to Taipei the conductor made an announcement asking staff to provide some plastic bags to a passenger who was sick. The train was certainly rocking back and forth.

At the small train station near us one of the staff told us that TRA is cutting costs by reducing staff including maintenance staff which performs rail maintenance. That might just be general complaining…


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But what you say about TRA sounds so much like Taiwan in general. I’m just trying to defend the other poster who IMO said nothing wrong.


Do you know this first hand? if that’s the case, if this is true, I think that it’s relevant information that should be communicated to media and authorities.


The train rocking a bit was normal.


I have taken that train at least one time and I don’t remember anything special about its movement. Again tend to forget things but there was definitely no jerky (off) movement that would make anybody vomit.

And if they were told that maintenance staff was being reduced… that doesn’t sound good. That’s not a proof of anything but…


@hansioux they are reporting 2 professional baseball players hurt too.



Why do they need to investigate the atps it was working but the driver turned the bloody thing off. Why can’t anyone say why he disabled it yet? How often did they disable safety systems ?


So my question remains: what’s the interest of the TRA denying that the driver disabled it? that would mean that it was the driver’s fault. I guess that then people would ask WHY he disabled it, and so on, but if there’s a technical forensic investigation ongoing whatever problem the train had was going to be found.