Racial Tensions in US 2020

I find that it doesn’t add much. He’d be better and his words would resonate more if he slowed down…imho.

Eh, hard to say. I don’t think it’s an affectation. You might be right though. I’ll agree it doesn’t add anything. He has had a definite degree of success in this fashion, though.

This better not be bestiality porn… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Yeah, I don’t watch him at all really, but I have seen him “Go up against” college pukes…and quite frankly, they’re usually so ignorant and biased that he shreds them easily. It’s a side show and a waste of my time. :idunno:

When he does take time out to logic stuff out, I like him.

Actually TG, I saw something a (gasp) Christian conservative friend of mine in like legit rural NY had to say about the BLM movement and the systemic racism thing you might find interesting. I’ll dig for it.


I watch Shapiro quite a bit, but I’ve never heard him advocate for war. Do you have a link?

He really wanted Trump to bomb the shit out of Iran and was pissed Trump stopped it.

I guess I can’t blame him for hating Iran as a Jew. But that kind of escalation doesn’t seem smart. It seems it all worked out though with Israel and UAE peace deal.

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Was it his repeteated statements about neither him nor the US wanting war that led you to believe that he wanted war?

What would be the escalation of bombing them be considered?

It’s like China saying US is threatening peace when they are constantly the aggressors. You can say whatever about what you want, but it’s what you actual do that is what you want.

Well, he didn’t advocate for bombing…he criticized the thought process of pulling back bombers once they were in the air because Trump hadn’t asked about casualties before that point. Also, I seem to remember some bombing which happened later which seems to have proven Shapiro’s point about endless appeasement.

Tactical bombing made sense. I don’t remember if revealed what the original target was.

It’s getting late, so I may be wrong, but he didn’t advocate for the abandoned bombing mission. He argued against Obama-era appeasement.

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You could be right. I watched it a while ago.

Oh Father! You diin’t!

Finally some justice.

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This the other day as well, if accurate.

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you can easily find bail money with local police, but not the feds

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I saw that.

First ten or so arrested have $1million bail. That means coming up with at least $US100k to get bailed out, and that 100k is lost. Just the fee charged by the bail bondsman if the full $1m isn’t put up.

That’s how you end rioting over multiple nights. Take note, Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Manhattan, Louisville, etc. :+1:

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Right-wing media, including Fox News and Breitbart, latched onto the story, eager to link the small gathering to the massive Black Lives Matter movement against police brutality and systemic racism.

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The LA County Sheriff’s Office tweeted Saturday that a “group” was blocking the emergency entries and exits to the hospital and chanting “we hope they die” about the deputies. (One of the wounded deputies was released from the hospital on Wednesday; the other remained in stable condition. No arrests have been made in the shooting.)

Well, they can’t be charged with witchcraft or wishful thinking.


“We’ve been on some actions with Black Lives Matter, but we have our own political agenda,” Wharton said. “Not Black Lives Matter. Not antifa.”

We run with BLM but we aren’t BLM. :roll:

Good luck with that defense.

None of the Africa Town Coalition members who showed up at the hospital chanted “Black Lives Matter” or appeared to hold any signs linking them to the movement.

Huff Po is now in Scooby Doo territory. Unmask that truth!

Right…if you start a Facebook group you could be BLM too. Don’t think that factors into the prosecution at all but keep trying.

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