Ralph Northam


That is the real shame


You are a racist.

It’s not a personal attack and I apologise if it comes across as such.


I think most American agree with Trump’s ideas about border security, and unlike some Brits I find myself with zero fucks to give about what Brits might think about the situation. I mean, it doesn’t seem to impact them, after all (outside an opinion held by The Guardian they may have to adjust to).

Do you have any evidence outside that “provided by” The Guardian (impartial angels that they are - surely) that “most Americans” agree with any shred of racism in American politics?

Where is the evidence that the majority of Americans are racist? Where is the evidence that they are racist as a result of President Trump’s actions or words?


did someone forget to tell him to only drink bottled water when in India?


I forgot to explain that the English use the expression, " I could murder a plate of chip", etc, as one of endearment.


Woah.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: What about the Brits that employ American citizens in California ? and pay US taxes :grinning:


Brits who pay US taxes are ok in my book. Their employment practices are their own business - in my book - by virtue of said tax payments. I have no problem with any of the above, and I wish them the best. Seriously, I wish them the very highest profits available within US law.

However, I am old-fashioned and I tend to see some red whenever I read a political opinion opposite to mine and expressed by a Brit. Opinions about Britain or most places are ok, no problem

What I have not been able to overcome in these sixty-plus years of my life so far are opinions of Brits that are ostensibly directed at American consumption. No doubt it’s rooted in our separation from the UK, and believe me there can be no doubt about my admiration and love of British writing.

But for me, me alone, if I read the words of a Brit with advice for America I tend to see blood red. I’m sure it’s a fault of my own, but there you have it. Can’t be helped, I’m afraid.

By the way, this is an opinion that has been adjusted as needed, almost hourly, by the opinions I read here by a Brit known as @shiadoa, who I regard (among other Brits) as a real friend and ally.

It’s just a thing I have struggled with throughout my life, sad to say.


But I have helped your 401k out :grinning: Just trying to get the money back we lost in 1770s fighting you and the French. Did we ever surrender ?
In our company I guess we have more non-whites , than whites. Something that I have never considered in the past , don’t see the relevance , but it seems odd to be thought of as a racist . I even employed a Taiwanese guy last week …sheeesh.
I think it’s in everyone’s interests to see a strong and stable USA .


The moral: never overplay your hand.

Everyone’s a racist. Get over it.


Time for a Virginia scandals thread?



Dr. Samirah, who was born in the U.S. but calls himself a “second-generation Palestinian refugee,” said he wrote the offending comments five years ago on Facebook, and says they were the musings of his college mind, which “I sincerely regret and apologize for.”

The writings include him saying it was worse to send money to Israel than to the Ku Klux Klan, and wishing former Israeli Prime Minister would “burn a million times for every innocent soul you killed.”


What’s the definition of slander again?


“Second-generation Palestinian refugee”

I suppose that makes me a 5th or 6th generation victim of the Irish potato famine.

People are actually serious when thay make these claims. It’s astonishing.



Only because of Mel Gibson. That Aussie fecker beat us in Scotland and America. I blame the Jews.


He should play Andrew Jackson next, that would be a barn burner.


Way too short to pull it off. Then again, Tom Cruise did Jack Reacher…


Liam Neeson could probably do a credible job. Would need some CGI help for the war scenes


Mel Gibson as James Madison. I think we could pitch this to Hollywood.


Madison was a rather mild type by all accounts. Might want to go another way. Maybe Gibson could be a British general. Change of pace