Rare Ice Cream Finds

With warmer weather here and summer a couple months away, it would be good to post any rare ice cream finds you find. Imports come and go all the time and are not reliable, helps to share.

This was at Wellcome today. A bit pricey, but good!


Nice topic! I am such a sucker for ice cream when the weather turns hot and humid…

Couple months back Costco had a 2kg tub of “a famous Scottish” ice cream, the name of which I forget. Tub was red with white lettering, and the text font screamed that the package was not close to being modern. Plain vanilla flavor. It did have text something like “famous Scottish” or “Scotland’s best” or something similar. NT$179, which is a mighty fine price for 2kg.

It was cold out so I didn’t buy (didn’t even look closely), but it’s no longer available. I’ll keep an eye peeled in case it comes back.

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The Wellcome marts here in Taoyuan have been carrying Ben & Jerry’s every summer for the past three years. I was pleasantly surprised the first year, and even more delighted that it’s been continuing. Tonight I just bought my first pint of the season: Brownie Batter Core. :yum:

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Tempting, but was it as ridiculously overpriced as Häagen-Dazs?

If you want to go out for ice cream, Snow King has the oddest flavors. Wasabi, pork floss, all kinds of things would not even know could be used as a flavor. All home made.


I was shocked when I saw an Emack & Bolio stand in the food court of Hanshin Arena in Kaohsiung. E&B is an awesome ice cream chain almost entirely localized in the New England region of the US, so I couldn’t believe it showed up here in Taiwan of all places. Imo, it blows Ben & Jerry’s and Cold Stone away. And Haagen-Daz doesn’t even deserve to be uttered in the same sentence. Unfortunately, it didn’t catch on here for whatever reason and disappeared after a couple months. :cry: Might still be in Taipei? If you see it, it’s a definite recommend.

EDIT: Annnnnd it’s gone from the island forever… Just saw this on their FB page. “感謝一直以來喜愛我們的朋友們 希望這樣美好的幸福滋味都能留在大家的回憶裡 good bye ~”

They probably didn’t have enough flavors like green tea mochi, taro and red bean.


The earl grey ice cream at miyahara in Taichung blew my mind

It’s not that good, but is Baskin-Robbins not in Taiwan at all? It’s on almost every street corner in Korea, so I’m kind of surprised I don’t see it anywhere here.

I haven’t seen it here.

In Korea it is run by the same company that controls Dunkin Donuts and Paris Baguette. Has been around since the 1970s, I think.

No big loss. It’s kinda crap. Was just curious.

Ah… that explains it. Those three are like a junk food triad in SK.

Not really rare I guess, but where can I buy Ben and Jerrys? I checked some Jasons and Citysuper, but they do not seem to have it despite what I read here. Any tips where to look ?

I’ve seen Ben & Jerry’s in Carrefour, Jason’s, and Wellcome. But ice cream is seasonal here, so what you’ll find depends on the time of year; I checked my local Wellcome a few days ago (craving!), and there wasn’t any yet. My local Carrefour has had what appears to be the same ice-caked 6-7 tubs of Ben & Jerry’s for months now, but again, I guess they’ll get more in stock soon now that summer’s coming around. Usually there are only 3-4 different flavors available.

I think the normal price at Wellcome is $250, and at Jason’s $300, but at Wellcome they’ve often got some kind of discount.

Apparently Costco also sells Ben & Jerry’s! Cheaper, in packs of three I think, but I don’t know about availability of flavors - one friend got the cookie dough flavor. I’m not sure how I feel about that, because I know full well with my maximum self-restraint I can make a tub of Ben & Jerry’s last three days (and that’s unusual). Having three tubs in my freezer is probably a bad idea.

Wasn’t Baskin-Robbins available in the basement of Breeze Centre? I don’t know if they lasted.

See also:

Yep. Later in the season the price always goes down, but I couldn’t wait! :crazy_face::ice_cream:

I’m from New England and spent my summers as a teenager working at a burgers & soft serve joint.

Soft serve, for those who may not know, is similar to ice cream but much softer. It’s the one that comes out of a machine where you pull the lever down and then it kind of “flows” into the cone.

Anyway, not ice cream per se, so not 100% on topic, but I am so into the soft serve at Yi Mei Foods (chain store with red branding). It is only NT$35, you can get twist (which they call “chocolate latte”) and it hits the spot every time. I probably get it twice a week. Just as good as any good soft serve in the States.

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Haagen Daz buffet!

Come with free unlimited grilled meat and hot pot.

My kids spotted it. I forget the name but it is a all you can stand buffet chain in Taipei. Ate lots if meat and veggies. Best part is the Haagen Daz. Make your own - scoops of ice cream or chocolate covered bars.

My kids want to live in Taiwan just for this place!

I think you’re probably referring to 饗食天堂.

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IKEA holds the champion crown in Taiwan for best soft serve ice cream.

$10 NT a cone for vanilla
$15 NT a cone for chocolate

Nice and creamy too. Will go to IKEA just for that.

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It’s romanized as “Imei.” Their basic milk ice-cream cone (i.e. niunai binggan) is NT$25. It’s awesome!


Imei imo is an awesome dairy company. Their milk fat is top shelf, and so is everything I’ve tasted they make with it.

As an American I grew up on chocolate milk. That’s their weakest product, but I still buy it whenever the jonesin’ comes around.

I have no qualms about paying for Imei whole milk, it’s a real value.