Ben & Jerry's ice-cream

Is Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream available anywhere in Taipei?

No. :frowning:

What’s your favorite flavor? Mine include . . .

New York Super Fudge Chunk
Chocolate Fudge Brownie
Chunky Monkey
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Cherry Garcia

I also like Starbuck’s ice cream, which I’m fairly certain is also unavailable here. As one might imagine, it comes in several very rich coffee flavors. Mmmm. Probably not a good one to eat before bed.

So the best we’ve got here is Haagen Daaz, which is definitely inferior and is only sold in Taiwan in a limited range of boring flavors – nothing with rich, dark chocolate, nuts and chunks of chocolate. Oh well, better than beans in sugar water I guess.

Seriously, would more than only 500 foreigners buy it? I’ve often wondered why there’s no outlet here.

Ben and Jerry’s: Best ice cream in the world. Hands down. I was just fantisizing about it the other day. Can’t remember what flavor. The one with pretzels in it. Maybe Chunky Monkey. And of course, Cherry Garcia is a classic. Cool website also:

Haagen-Dazs: Try “Melon” flavor. It is orange, tastes somewhat like canteloupes, and is pretty good. Yeah, it still costs $400 NT a pint or something ridiculous.

No, I think the pretzel one is Tubby Hubby. I agree, that’s a good one.

Chunky Monkey is banana flavor with big chunks of dark chocolate, white chocolate and walnuts.

I miss Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey.

But MT, I’ve bought Starbucks ice cream here before… when I lived in Muzha I could sometimes find it at 7-11, but not at all of them. I think the one I bought was coffee with swirls of fudge and cookie chunks or something.

Thanks. I’ll look for it. :slight_smile:

No, I think the pretzel one is Tubby Hubby. I agree, that’s a good one.
We both had part of it right, but the real name and description are below:

Chubby Hubby

[i]Original Ice Cream Pints
Fudge-Covered Peanut Butter-Filled Pretzels in Vanilla Malt Ice Cream Rippled with Fudge & Peanut Butter

It began with two office jokesters’ pulling a prank on a colleague whose endless tales of his love for Ben & Jerry’s made them nuts. They hatched an imaginary batch packed with pretzels, peanut butter, & fudge in vanilla malt ice cream & spread a rumor of a brand new Ben & Jerry’s hit called “Chubby Hubby”. After searching obsessively he was crushed when the hoax was revealed, so the jokesters home-made a pint. He proclaimed it too good to be a joke & after one taste, so did we. The rest is history. Chubby Hubby – it’s no joke! [/i]

New York Super Fudge Chunk - hands down the best of all!

[quote=“Mother Theresa”]No. :frowning:

I also like Starbuck’s ice cream, which I’m fairly certain is also unavailable here. As one might imagine, it comes in several very rich coffee flavors. Mmmm. Probably not a good one to eat before bed.

Strangely enough, about a year ago you could by a quart of Starbucks icecream in our local (Yangmei) 7/11’s for 299NT. Vastly superior to Hagan Daaz…Just when we were starting to get used to eating quality ice cream, they began pulling it due to lack of sales…I remember one night visiting every 7/11 between here and Chungli before I finally found the last tub.

Haven’t seen it since… :s

I’ve said it before, I don’t believe Haagen Daaz totally dominates the Taiwan market to the exclusion of other luxury brands because local consumers prefer the taste. I believe HD was savvy and got an exclusive deal with President Uni and Chinese/Taiwanese are so obsessed with/bamboozled by brand names that they believe HD is made in Denmark by the royal family or something like that, not knowing it’s made in New Jersey – about the most unromantic, unglamorous place imaginable. But that’s how successful marketing always works.

They got it in HK now. Last time I was there I saw it.

I think it might be hard to compete with Haagen Daaz in this market. For distribution in the convenience stores, forget about it. B&Js does not have the brand awareness to push out Haagen Daaz in the 711, OK or Family Mart. The best you can do is maybe get it into Jason’s or Breeze in the beginning.

It will be difficult if you have a shop to convince Taiwan people to pay a similar price to Haagen Daaz when B&Js does not have the brand name, plus their shops design is not so fancy.

Wish everyone success if they can get this distributorship (I LOVE Ben & Jerry’s too!), although, I would think it must be gotten already by someone in HK and his area covers Taiwan he just hasn’t started his shop here yet.

B&J’s is available in Singapore, where I come from. When I first discovered it at a Shell gas station mart, I was so excited!

jasons are open to suggestions. get a petition together

If you want to try something different than Haagen Dazs or Ben & Jerry I would like to suggest our homemade Italian gelato “Tutti Frutti” Jasons, Mitzukoshi and City Super supermarkets carry approx. 18 flavors at the moment. Our ice-cream has less calories than American brands but still has a strong taste.

Price : NT$ 80 for a 160ml - tub. In Jasons, buy 6 get one for free.
(Compared to Haagen Dazs: NT$ 90 for a 100 ml cup)

Please try and let me have your feedback!! A list of flavors can be found on our webpage:

Jello! Jello! That’s got nothing to do with ice cream, you silly European! :wink:

Fairly difficult to get Ben & Jerry’s even into Taiwan. My wife and I looked at franchising, and you need to complete an on-line questionaire that seems difficult for many people and companies to “pass”. You need to inform B&J how much money your company makes, how much you expect to sell, what type of environmental programs your company manages, what type of training programs for your employees your company manages, whether your company has any experience with refrigerated/frozen foods, etc…

I’d love to bring B&J ice cream into Taiwan and trade my shirt and tie at the office for a tie dye behind the counter… But, we were turned down. :frowning:

You can always open a Subber franchise instead. :wink:

and the ridiculous thing… you would make more money… :loco:

… I know that, - you calorie-addicted American :wink: … my point was, since B&J is not available in TWN, might as well try Italian gelato.
We have a lot of American customers, sell into the ACC takeout corner and also to the shop inside the AIT - proof that it is possible for B&J - fans to switch to Tutti Frutti Italian gelato.

Tigerman is right, at least 1 company tried to bring B&J to TWN - Jasons (Wellcome) also tried by themselves, but didn’t pursue it because of B&J’s requirements and the logistics involved to import frozen goods.

I ate american ice cream for 5 years, and before that the italian style that is mainly sold in Germany. I am not sure which I like the best, but certainly Pfeffersack’s Gelato is way up in my rankings. Surely a very good substitute for overpriced HD, Moevenpick or not available american ice-cream in TW. And if I would see Tutti Frutti next to HD, I would grab the gelato. Try to get a tub of the Whiskey Cream flavor, that’s the best.