Rights of Immigrants in your Country, State or Province

Hi everyone. The MP I usually call when complaining about discrimination against foreigners wants to know more about precedent in other countries. He wants to take initiative to find these, but I suggested it would be easier if multiple people pull up the relevant laws that forbid discrimination by citizenship in each of our countries, provinces, states, territories, regions and relevant jurisdictions.

I’ve started the list by sourcing Ontario. Feel free to add laws, court cases and other relevant information that supports the idea that discrimination by citizenship is not a thing liberal democracies allow.

Your help is appreciated. Non-English countries welcome.


Are you talking for legal immigrants or for legal and illegal immigrants?

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Do you want the relevant laws that restrict rights of immigrants too?

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We can see them sure.

Largely regular migrants.

This is in response to the Kuomintang’s decision to revoke the free buses for ALL foreigners in Taichung.

Thank you @autorelease

Yes. I called the MP.

Bloody hell! We pay taxes too. What does this move accomplish? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:



It accomplishes saving money from those who don’t have a voice and are no perceived risk to them electorally. Classic Kuomintang move.


Fact is all countries discriminate against immigrants, legal or not. Sure illegal immigrants probably see far more discrimination than legal ones. If you wanted precedent there are lots of them.

We’re not looking for that. We’re looking for how immigrants rights are protected. I’m not going to go to parliament and offer them proof that MORE discrimination is the way to go. I’m not looking for a discussion, we’re looking for supporting arguments, not detracting arguments.

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I’m sure your home country, whether it’s the US or Italy offers more right for immigrants…

Did you read the first post?


Exercise the human right to vote in the modern democratic countries
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Marco is not American.


The Dynamics of Regional Migration Governance

Yes I did read your first post.

Your MP sounds like he’s saying, so Taiwan discriminates foreigners, show me examples from other countries where they treat foreigners better than Taiwan. It sounds to me like he wants to help but his constituents are pressuring him some other way. So he wants to see how more progressive countries treat foreigners. Sounds like saying, we treat foreigners bad, show me how your countries are doing better.

I can only name one example, that in Germany international students don’t get charged higher tuition just because they are foreigners.

No that’s not what it is at all. But other MPs, especially Kuomintang MPs are not going to be as enthusiastic without proof.

But this thread isn’t meant for discussion. He’s already convinced, he wants supporting arguments. So I need proof, not speculation to help him and help foreigners.