ROC passport application instructions for ABT or Taiwan national who had passport previously

This link provides instructions for getting in ROC passport if you are currently in the U.S.
You can use Google translate to read it in English
Note instructions may differ by TECO office.

If you held an ROC passport before, the instructions are here.
Note instructions may differ by TECO office.

Here is the actual form that you mail in.

Here is the English translation of a previous version of that form.

A passport enables you to enter Taiwan during covid.
To work you will need a work permit or household registration.
To get health insurance, you will need household registration.

If you have household registration, the instructions to get a new ID card proving you have it are here. You have to do it in Taiwan.

Here is a list that contains additional webpages about passports

Here are instructions specifically for children under age 20.

Instructions about the passport photo (in English)

This page might be useful.

Boca’s passport page

@tando, thank you very much. That page is very useful. I found links to instructions for applying for a Taiwan passport if you are living in Taiwan, which I have not seen before. It also has information helpful for people not living in Taiwan.