Russia invades Ukraine: General Discussion 2023

My understanding is that for at least 300k, that happened already a couple of months ago. I will look to see if I can find the sources or if I am listening on a day to day account of what’s happening if it is mentioned.

Not much happens on a day to day basis in terms of rapid development, Bakhmut becoming slowly surrounded has been discussed now for months.

I love how all the pro-russian stuff sounds the same as pro-ukranian stuff.

but I am going to go down the middle and say russia nor Ukraine can achieve their objectives. This war is won by better weapons as every war has even been won especially the more advanced civilization got.

Russia just doesn’t have the weapons and manpower needed to take Ukraine and Ukraine is in the same exact situation to retake back all their land.

but I did grow to appreciate the cakes of the world because it keeps russia thinking they have a chance to change things instead do what Russia has always wanted to do, freely rape, pillage, conquer, and nuke the world. having been invaded a lot of times and having one great victory over the nazis at the cost of 7,000,000 people…thats an astronomical figure. That was all Stalin’s fault…he should have done what hitler said…“surrender” as most of you claim Ukraine should now. what’s different now and then?

They announced it in September, this lead to a lot of protests, then it seams to have gone quiet. not sure if they pushed it through or just let it slide, I didn’t find anything more after.

edit: looks like they got them, but not sure if this is 300,000 in total or an additional 300,000

Western media mainly doesn’t follow up, the channel I listen to on and off and usually skim the updates was mentioning it a couple of months back, but he does a daily show for about an hour, so not exactly easy to go get the references.

This was one I found dated October 30th 2022, I set for around the 9 min mark and discusses the numbers to around 10.30 min.

The total number of mobilized was 300,000, which at this point they decided they met and no more would be called up. As of the time of this video 41k had already been trained and deployed to the front lines and another 40k trained and deployed nearby. In further videos he will reference this mobilization quite a few times, but I was under the impression this is all something that was completed months ago.

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Yes that’s what it was saying in the above links , its the original 200k then an additional 100k.
Not 200k plus an attentional 300k or 500k as some people have been banding about, but I can see how it would be easy to get mixed up about the numbers.

Those 500000 were going to be on the border with Poland shortly after the ground froze, IIRC :laughing:

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Asking for asylum to avoid conscription?


Does this mean Russia’s goal of ‘de-nazification’ is a success, or it’s a corporate whitewash?


Tactical hot tub :hotsprings:



no, never saw this coming with a great leader like Zelensky and his Panama papers at the helm. Leadership through example.


Some MSM coverage on it:

No news on any need to repay stolen US/Euro/world’s taxpayers’ money, of course :smiley:

Ukraine also says it needs 750 billion to rebuild. Share it around with a fresh batch of govt officials? :thinking:

The war will probably end on the day all those contracts are inked :money_mouth_face:

I think this goes with the above. Ukraine, angel warrior of light:

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how angry are you right now on a scale of 1-10?

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This was a question aimed at @cake and not me but I wonder, after learning the UK is sending tanks, I believe the US is too, Germany is not standing in the way of Poland sending leopard II tanks and is now sending tanks of it’s own. What conclusions do you reach?

  1. Ukraine is a graveyard of NATO crap
  2. MIC is ultimate winner
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Like this?

Those new tanks aren’t crap, I expect one reason the US and Germany didn’t want them in Ukraine is they don’t want the Chinese and Russians to get ahold of them

Tough to argue with this. Although I’m still of the opinion that the longer this goes on the better for Taiwan

Mostly just losers in war, this one is no different.

Don’t forget the UK, we sent tanks too.

ISIS did rather okay against Leopards in Syria.


A week or two ago, if you consider that recent.

From your article:

Did you read it to the end?