S2O Music Festivals Taiwan

Next one 27-28 August 2022. Love the map. Not.

The map is wrong. What it marks as the Keelung river is actually the xinsheng creek. The event couldn’t actually be held on both sides of the river, obviously.

That said, this is a great event, I’ve been before. Good luck with the mask wearing. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Organizer FAIL.

Pretty common these huge music events have fails globally.

the [Ministry of Culture] said that it reminded the organizers four times, beginning Aug. 18, but it wasn’t until shortly before 8 p.m. on Aug. 24 that they submitted the required COVID-related documents. In addition, the information for 68 foreign citizens was not complete, while details about COVID prevention measures were not provided, and the relevant authorities had not been informed about the plans, according to the ministry.

organizer claims that 10 days before no refunds, but under Taiwan law a major change to an event means they must refund, some politicians office will help people get a refund.

organizer also went so far to blame the government.

conditional that you dont use the ticket.

the whole thing stinks of scam.

here is the refund application form.


Okay where the vids and pics from day 1?

Taipei City Councilor Miao Po-ya (苗博雅) wrote on Facebook on Saturday evening that over 1,700 people had filed complaints against Spunite, which owed over NT$9.9 million (US$326,800) in refunds. She vowed to help those seeking refunds but did not guarantee success, suggesting that there is the possibility of the organizer transferring its assets elsewhere and closing its business

Ticket prices

It’s a stinky smelly dirty pile of dung still out here two days later.

This is supposed to be a public park!

This is the exactly the fucked up place Taiwan has made itself by refusing to cancel quarantine. We literally can’t have the events we want to have. Every band in the world is touring right now and exactly zero of them are coming to Taiwan.


Yes! I’ve seen so many awesome international bands in Taiwan over the years. Bands like Hexis, Eyehategod, Zazen Boys…but over the past 2 years, nothing.

In the case of this festival, I doubt the artists even factored in quarantine and Covid applications as other countries don’t require them.

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about 10,000,000 nt stolen in ticket sales… organizer said he doesnt care!

how long before they make the movie…

“In response to the public’s criticism about his “greed,” Tsai said, “I really don’t care what you think… Sue me if you will. I’m sorry, that’s how it is. There will be no refunds because the event is happening… Don’t come if you don’t want to. That’s it. Hate me all you want”

meanwhile there are pictures of him eating sushi that cost 1,000,000nt off flesh dancers at the event!

also the media is all over the amount of drugs used by the VIPs

I like erotic talk…but not with other dudes.

It’s a fucking rave, there’d better be drugs


Probably not enough drugs

Its not that bad is it?

And its all the organizers fault

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No but we haven’t had an international live act visit since, ooh, Kamasi Washington?

I saw Megadeth, Anvil, and Tony McAlpine in Taipei


I saw Pearl Jam and Ray Charles. Where we going with this?


Thats not true, thats why they have the quarantine-visa waiver for celebrities. Its not really hindrance

the problem here is the organizers didn’t apply in-time

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Forget about the rave. I mean in general. The red tape involved and the need to wear masks during concerts means no one has visited here in almost three years.