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Goodness, official guidelines and “spontaneous” social media campaigns encouraging people to misuse medicines based on a flawed or dishonest interpretation of research? I don’t think we’ve seen that before, have we.

While there are multiple explanations for this, one possibility is that those States with the highest vax coverage are experiencing the largest number of hospitalizations.

If you’ve been nearly killed three times, that surely makes you technically dead. I’m surprised you’re not on the CECC COVID spreadsheet already.

I’ve had four shots. Last in early March. I bailed Taiwan in early May just ahead of the outbreak. Where I’m at now in rural Japan maskage is 100% I even see about 40% of people in cars wearing masks. I have very little contact with anyone but neiboring farmers and the residents of the nearby village of 5,000. So far none of them have caught Covid.


Whole family got it on a trip overseas. very varied symtpoms from fever, sore throat, phlegmy coughing (difficult to aleep), nausea and fatigue. All of us had some symptoms. Dragged on for quite a while in terms of coughing and sore throat. I haven’t been able to test positive even though I had a persistent cough (same with a previous bout), everybody else did. Basically a major drag on our vacation.


So many people I know who have been in Europe this summer have gotten it. I hope you’re all doing better now.



I’m in Europe and I haven’t got it. I got it when I was in Taiwan.

Of course, it wouldn’t matter if I got Covid again.

C’est des conneries?

Nobody cares in England or France anymore. Anyone who does is an oddity.


Jeanna got the bug and she has compiled a very user friendly guide for foreigners. Do read before you get sick.

After reading I have updated the good old pantry, added more canned soups. I already have enough Panadol to last a month or two but hadn’t thought about buying anything in case of the runs. Since 3 people I know have reported this symptom, better safe than sorry. Especially for that!

My allergy doctor is one of the clinics doing tele medical services. Good to know. And only two minutes away!

Spanish saying: en guerra avisada no muere soldado.


I got COVID about a month ago. For about three days, I felt awful - worse than any cold or flu I’ve ever had, but not as bad as a bad hangover or food poisoning (but longer lasting than both). Afterwards, I was exhausted for about a week and developed hives all over my body, which is the most itchy I’ve ever been.

On top of that, after recovering from COVID, I experienced something very similar to what happened to me after my second vaccine dose. All the serious injuries I’ve had in the past that I’ve had to go through proper rehabilitation for came back big time. The worst was with my legs, because on top of the constant aches and pains that plagued me for about two years (and went away through a lot of hard work and rehabilitation), I also got pins and needles any time I tried to do my rehabilitation exercises, which meant I couldn’t rehabilitate properly. Fortunately, this problem went away after about three weeks. My legs are still bad, but quickly improving through rehabilitation now that the pins and needles have gone. My right arm, however, is still completely out of it after a month.

I have two doses of the vaccine but not the booster. I spent hours around my mum while down with COVID and she never caught it. She has the booster, so I can only assume that’s the reason she never got ill.


I should have had plenty of experiences to talk about, I don’t.

I left Taiwan in 2020, I am still formally a resident, but home is London now.

I brought my missus and her nephew and niece.

June 1, wife leaves the UK and goes back.

A week later, her niece, nephew and yours truly goes to Rye, and we manage to get heavily exposed. They come down with it, I don’t feel a thing. I have had my fourth shot, so guess I am stocked up.

They were supposed to go back, but couldn’t.

Given the idiots running the UK have decided you have to pay for a covid test, I pass.

Missus makes it out of quarantine, picks up the virus within 48 hrs. No symptoms, but not a happy bird.

2 weeks later, I get tested before I go to Taiwan, negative, all good.

I do not know if I had it.

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I forgot, I have had 4 shots. It gets easier.

I’m dealing with this as well–all the old injuries have come back with a vengeance as well as new injuries I didn’t even know I had. It’s been almost a month since infection with no signs of improvement, and I’ve been going through all the PT motions again with no effect. Orthopedic doc says this kind of systemic inflammation is not uncommon after COVID.

It really sucks. Don’t get COVID.


11 days still first positive test (now negative) and the only symptom I still have is this nasty coughing. Anyone else had this problem? I heard some develop long term problems (coughing, fatigue, asthma) after an omicron infection. Annoying.


Cough is the worst. Make sure you don’t build up to an pneumonia. Speedy recovery.

My symptoms were mild but i got 3 shots total and in good shape for my age. Worst symptom was sore throat and mild fever first 3 days (didn’t break 37.5 Celsius). 3 x Pfizer.

A university student of mine had the same problem - when I asked him about it again a week or so later, by then the cough had gone.

But I don’t know how to tell when / if it’d be something to worry about.

I had the coughing for a couple of weeks, just needs time.

I caught Covid at the very beginning of July. It felt like a cold. If it wasn’t Covid, I would’ve just taken a day off to get over the mild fever, and then I would’ve been back at work.

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How long are people typically continuing to test positive for by rapid test after initial symptoms?

I first tested positive/had symptoms 10 days ago, and still tested positive yesterday (quite strongly positive, actually – more than the initial positive test, although these tests of course aren’t quantitative). My quarantine is already over though, and as I understand a negative test isn’t a prerequisite for going out in Taiwan once you’ve already completed quarantine (will still avoid anything social for a few more days though).

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I tested positive for 11 days.

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