Should government leave religions alone?

I don’t care who does something to fix this just so long as something gets done. Here’s an opportunity for the Church or the government to redeem itself a bit.

Failing that, a good Scottish mob with pitchforks will do nicely.

My parish. After my time though

“…he awaits a decision by the Vatican on whether he will be defrocked or absolved by penance.”

You don’t get absolved for child rape. Not by my god, not by anyone’s god. You burn in the fires of hell for all eternity.

What an absolute farce of a religion.

I heard if you believe some shit you can get saved.

Government should leave most things alone

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You can be delivered yes

Nothing to say about this that is remotely polite in any way

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After reading a few pages , I had to stop . Implying that it was , in , part , the fault of pornography being shown to children … is just a sad way to deflect responsibility away from the church . The lines about “ they had to stop showing porn films on aircraft in the interests of safety was a classic :joy: sad .

It reminded me of the:“Some people did something…” argument that I read a few days ago, lul

Damn it’s long, i will need more time to sit and read all of it. Is it pretty bad?

‘It is important to see,” Benedict says, “that such misconduct by clerics ultimately damages the Faith.”

So, need to be punished.

It’s just the rambling of a confused old man mostly, I guess. This really isn’t that complicated.

“Part of the physiognomy of the Revolution of ‘68 was that pedophilia was then also diagnosed as allowed and appropriate.”

Whatever…pure ravings. It’s nothing to do with social decay whatsoever. It’s just a bunch of dirty old child rapists being protected by the Vatican. The latest scandal unwinding has a slightly new twist. Priests in India raping nuns, police refusing to investigate the cases and instead arresting the nuns themselves for causing social unrest.

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Translation: “Damn hippies!”

they shouldn’t do what china is doing, but they should do something if religions are causing problems. such as in taiwan, the paper money burning should be sorted out. being religious isn’t a good enough excuse to pollute. but we have seen what happens with all the other pollution, so basically nothing will happen.


Yep. Still a mite annoying. “It’s not the fault of our army of child-fucking priests and enabling administrators, not really. It’s all on secular society and the lack of faith.” I’m all for people believing what they like, but this kind of thing makes one think Diderot had it right.

Hehe classic. :grin: Book according to Mod, Chapter 2 ,verse 3.
“And the words shall not be offensive to believers , even if their leaders are attempting to justify crimes” :smile: It’s sad that they seem to refuse to own so many transgressions.

Yeah, a little humility would seem to be in order.

I think it’s maybe a way to spin it by implying that if the world has listened to them and stopped all this debauchery, it would never have gone on . You could argue that “ morality “ point about most crime . But hey , embrace us again and it will all be ok :pensive: the Law should be involved more than Government … but are they the same !

…or as a very small but very dedicated group of Forumosans would put it, social change is a slippery slope! :astonished: