Should government leave religions alone?

Why don’t they just burn 1 piece that is worth like a centillion. You get to keep the tradition without polluting much.


There have been a lot of ideas like this promoted. The short answer I think is that a raging fire and billowing clouds of smoke are better.

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I think making paper money is also big business. They aren’t cheap. Some also get pretty fancy and folded into complex shapes/

Not so sure, it seems more like a mom and pop thing at the retail level. Not sure about the manufacturing. But I don’t think that’s what’s driving it.

yea this is probably close to the real answer. somebodys pockets would get thinner if they changed it. i mean come on, there is no justifying this.

I always look at it as a public display in order to show their filial piety/traditional values to their neighbours.

So, what prevents me from selling my own brand of paper money? Do I have to be a Daoist priest or something?

Oh sure, just print more money to solve all the underworld’s problems. Did you ever take an economics course in your life??! :rant:

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My mistake–rather than increasing the money supply of hell, I should be burning paper effigies representing various consumer goods.


Maybe we should ease off the anger ? Quantitatively, of course :wink::blush:


You’d think more smoke would be the last thing they need.

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Is it a proprietary process they use to make that money? I’d like to know how they turn discarded tires into paper the way they do.

I’ve always wanted to set myself up as an exorcist. I bet I’d get customers, too.

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He’s got away with it.

The decision of the jury has been overturned. They didn’t do what they “ought” to have done.

He’s not out of the woods yet.
Maybe COVID-19 will get him since he seems to like invading other people’s personal space.

FGM is well practiced in many parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, where most of the people there who practice it are Christians. Do not use FGM as something synonymous to one religion or ethcnicity.

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