Should Taiwan drug test foreign English teachers regularly?

This is one bad story but it really scares me because I keep meeting the pot smoking drug people foreigners teaching the children in Taiwan it’s a scary terrible thing.

I think Taiwan should drug test every English teacher weekly.

I’m not sure if you’re being facetious…

Not condoning pot smoking, but drug testing every teacher weekly is absolutely ridiculous xD

Every human has their crutch, don’t forget that. I’d be a lot more comfortable with teachers smoking pot once a week, then the huge number of teachers I see and hear of that are turning to severe alcoholism.

Let the justice department sort that idiot out, but doing weekly drug testing would be a huge waste of money, time, resources, and a massive invasion of personal privacy.


The headline is right, but not because of pot (which is about as wicked as alcohol)–because of child molesting. A pedophile could easily come here, get a job without much of a background check, and if he gets caught, the culture here is such that he’ll probably just get fired, but not arrested or anything. More likely, the kindy / buxiban owner would cover it up, and maybe pay off the kid’s family. I also often wonder how many of the various priests who were naturalized recently, were child molesters. Probably several, according to statistics.

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Why is this guy so special that his name isn’t used and his face is blurred out?

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I can’t believe anyone is stupid enough to do drugs in Taiwan … No matter how it is seen in your home country, it is just not worth it in Taiwan. Stick to booze. Or have a nice long jail sentence when you get caught - your choice.


“Despite living in Taiwan for many years, he said that he was unaware that the drug is illegal in the country.”


Weekly is a bit ridiculous, but a surprise test once or twice a year might put a little fear in some of the shittier expats here who try to skirt local laws.

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Didn’t foreigners have to do a yearly health check for an ARC, and that involved a drug test? (And HIV test, and other things.) I vaguely recall friends of mine worrying about the drug part of that test, but I don’t remember if it was an annual concern, or just something they needed to take care of once.

This is one terrible thread. Shame on y’all. Y’all just need to chill out and hit dat blunt one more time y’all.


There are a lot of foreigners here with fake degrees. My colleague at Xinmin told us she had degrees from UCLA at Berkeley and Brown University. She even showed us the diplomas. Then she got 4 other colleagues’ contracts discontinued based on her accusation that they were unqualified. It turned out that she didn’t even have a B.S. in anything. She was a fraud!
Nothing surprises me anymore!


Don’t criticize it.

Even more worrying is the extensive use among teachers of the drug Cake. It messes with the part of their brain called Shatner’s Bassoon which alters their perception of time. A 40 minute kindy lesson could end up taking up to 3 days.

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What if you never smoke weed in Taiwan but fly back to America where it is legal in some states, come back after your vacation and they test you? Seems a bit unfair.

40 minute kindy lesson, where are you teaching? That shit used to be 9-11.30 or 9-12.

Those last a week and a half.

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They tested for stronger stuff. Barbiturates and opiates.

She had a B.S. in B.S.


If they start testing hair samples that will be a problem.
For example, drug testing from hair is rapidly becoming standard for truck drivers and pilots worldwide .
Drugs just stay in urine for a few days.

The hot new area will be drug testing from sweat glands on your fingertips.

Testing for opiates and amphetamines can get a lot of false positives, many common medicines contain their functional groups. Just in case you think you are innocent and want to challenge a conviction.

Drug testing at the rainbow thingy in hualien?

The schadenfreude would flow eternally…

Why is that unfair? You are still abiding by Taiwanese laws when you work here. If you say you smoked it somewhere it was legal, (a) that’s hard to prove, and (b) perhaps they won’t care as you’re still getting high while employed by them. Also, plenty of US workplaces still test for it.

I’m not anti-marijuana, but I am pro-following-the-laws-of-whatever-country-you’re-living-in. I don’t think it’s much of a sacrifice giving up the ganj while you’re a guest in this country.