Show us your bike(s) [as in bicycles]

Bastion Super legga price is plain ridiculous @ 524ntd however the S-Works Tarmac SL7 - Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 @ 425ntd is also.
Think I’ll go for Chinese made titanium frame, kitted out with Chinese carbon rims and other components.
Di2 Dura Ace is the killer price component so Di2 105 for me next time.

Not a bike but decals.
I bought these eBay U.K. to use on my project bike. The quality, authenticity is so high I don’t think I will use them on this project, wait until I do have a genuine vintage cromo frame.


Fwiw I ride a Bianchi Volpe, steel frame and like it. When I researched the company I found it had been bought by a big corporation. Burst my bubble. Recommend website


Is this an N+2?

n+3 Aster, Miyata, and this
Aster going to U.K. summer time.

Please don’t put Bianchi decals on a bike that’s not a Bianchi.

Can you tell me what it is?
History of the frame was built in Italy before being used by MBK France, then Germany, my sons friend bought in Germany shipped to U.K. my son bought fro his mate and shipped to me in Taiwan.
Frame number is only 4 characters!
Lots of bike manufacturers used Columbus tubing including Bianchi, however rear carbon fibre forks look remarkably like a the Pinarello Prince! Also on searching the bike with Carbon rear forks mated to aluminium is only the Pinarello prince first manufactured in 1998 same year my frame was constructed.

From Pinarello “We’ve done it on steel, aluminium and even magnesium, and we brought carbon fibre and aerospace technology to cycling when our rivals were still making frames the way their grandfathers did it.”

bought front forks on Shopee frame didn’t come with any.

I’m not putting Bianchi decals on as I said they are to good for the bike.
PS: you can buy them from me 400nt

You want something very different there’s this one in Romania.


Very pretty. Never heard of the brand before.

Our daughter outgrew her FPzero so she picked out this little thing.


Belle got her own MTB. Specialized Epic


Mishmash parts and buggered paint Alpinestars Almega DX


Not mine, but it’s made me a believer of alloy bikes. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this bike off my friend who lent it to me in Melbourne.

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