Singapore executes man for trafficking 2.2 lbs of weed

I spent a lot of time in Singapore in the 80’s I did enjoy it. Not a resident though.
Quality of life is subjective though isn’t it? Pre covid I was taking 10 - 12 weeks diving vacations a year. From post Covid starting last September to September 23 I will have done 4 diving trips with a total of 9 weeks. Just did 2 weeks in Australia last month.

I’m happy enough with my quality of life in Taiwan.

Only westerners will get lots of vacation time in Asia. Asia is known for overwork, Japan has one of the highest working hours in the world, and people regularly die from overwork. They even have a special term for this.

It was happening a lot in taiwan too and I’m not sure if anything has been done about it.

LOL So incorrect. Lots of wealthy Asians take lots of vacations as well.

I guess statistics are wrong, or all the Asians you know are executive level management.

Because long work hours is the chief complaint in taiwan among workers. But they’re not executive managers.

A lot of people retire by 50s in Taiwan. Most Americans still work being 70 year old. So is all relative


Not “a lot” of people. A few rich people with millions in investments, or have rich children who will support them through their old age.

Count women, public workers too

Effective average retirement age is 61 which means almost half of the people retire in their 50s.

So all Asians are Taiwanese?

Thing is, it’s not racial. it is cultural. I work 12~16 hour days standard, 7 days a week. have done so for a long time. I am racially “western” I guess…

That link is so wrong.

Singapore’s life expectancy in 2022 was 83, not 86. Taiwan’s in 2021 was 81, 2022’s life expectancy isn’t released yet.

Infant mortality rate in 2022 hasn’t even been released yet so Idk where they got the stats.

The GDP figures are also wrong. Also, SG’s GDP is very inflated like Ireland’s.

Finally the birth rate is laughable. Singapore’s 2022 new births were almost the same as Taiwan’s. Which shows public housing has nothing to do with birth rates.

Where’s the source of this claim?

Some quick math makes that seem pretty unlikely. Interested in the source though as well


I’ve seen that claim on numerous occasions. It doesn’t come close to passing a sanity check or being close to common sense.


Very true for the food industry
They are also great if you want to manipulate incoterm payments with their bonded warehouses

I would bet there are millions or early retired or early semi retired in Taiwan, almost all military, many teachers retire in their 50s. Not ‘rich’ people. Who buys all the stuff in the hiking shops? Civil servants e.g. railway workers until 10 to 20 years ago no problem to retire by 60.
Also many farmers and folks just eke out an existence with their kids assistance and they also get a pension. They don’t have rich kids they just live together or get a few 1000 a mth from each one.


Is this done in seriousness? If you do that, you’d have to have every country remove the five cities with the highest crime rates to be apples/apples.

That’s Rob Schneider. Probably an SNL joke.

I find a lot of these meme level things are only true from a certain perspectives. It’s like saying all millennials are dumb because you went and interviewed millennials and asked them some basic questions, but only playing interviews with people who might happen not to know.

When someone pushes a narrative, truth is often not something they talk about.