So let's talk about the Proud Boys then

The Albany story seems very similar. If you keep going along with it, apparently not.

Good for Whitmer, calling out Trump for his domestic terrorist enabling:

LANSING — Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer accused President Donald Trump of inciting domestic terrorism during a national TV appearance Sunday, in her strongest criticism of Trump to date.

“It’s incredibly disturbing that the president of the United States, 10 days after a plot to kidnap, put me on trial, and execute me — 10 days after that was uncovered — the president is at it again and inspiring and incentivizing and inciting this kind of domestic terrorism,” Whitmer said on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” following a Trump campaign appearance in Michigan Saturday.

Trump has said Whitmer should be appreciative because federal officials uncovered and foiled the plot. In response to the chant from the crowd, Trump laughed and said: “Lock them all up.”

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Both of you are trying too hard here.